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Zkitllez Autoflower Marijuana Seeds



Zkitllez Marijuana Seeds is an award-winning tropical strain with indica-dominant characteristics. It is a strain used for the relief of stress, anxiety, pain, and for appetite stimulation. It has a berry, earthy and sweet flavors that you will surely love to taste over and over again. It comes with a very high THC up to 23%.

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More About Zkitllez Autoflower

An award-winning strain that took the cannabis world by storm. It took the Emerald Cup 2016 and was heavily favored to win it all for its dazzling appearance and a multitude of great qualities. It is one of the more stable auto-flowering strain to come out of the gates, with staggering THC content around 23%, this strain should be a feel-good strain for years to come. It is famous for its sweet candy flavored scent and flavors.

The effects are often characterized by a well-balanced cerebral high and body stone that doesn’t induce any couch-lock properties. Its dashing combination of sweet and sugary blend of flavors will top the list as one of the best. As you are greeted with sweet sugary candies, it is then accompanied with mango-like flavors with hints of chocolate undertones towards the end.

Overall, this strain is easy to grow, as evidenced by its great resistance and very strong structure. Just be sure to give it plenty of nutrients as it tends to take more nutrients over the course.


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