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Bruce Banner 2.0 Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Bruce Banner 2.0 Marijuana Seeds is a sativa-dominant calming strain. It has a mind-blowing 27% THC and thus will have energetic, euphoric, relaxed, sedated, and uplifting effects. You can use this strain to relieve arthritis, anxiety, stress, depression, nausea, fatigue, and all kinds of pain. You’ll love its citrus, sour, sweet, and diesel flavors.

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More About Bruce Banner 2.0 

The Upgraded Bruce Banner!

If you have been a fan of Bruce Banner, then you should give a try this one. Take Bruce Banner 2.0, a yummy cannabis strain that can offer you a very wonderful smoking experience. She offers a calming physical buzz that will linger on your body for a long time. You will notice and enjoy the fantastic taste and aroma of kerosene with sweet undertones in every toke. The high plus this amazing aroma/flavor profile will entice you to crave for more.

Her potency is simply amazing, as her THC content can be as high as 30%. Taking a higher dose is sure to lead you to a couchlock state, which is better to enjoy when you’re not busy at home.  Your senses will be heightened before the stimulating sensation becomes a sedating feeling that forces you to sleep.

Great yields will come along after 8-10 weeks. Good for both novices and experienced growers.

2 reviews for Bruce Banner 2.0 Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Wayne Shade

    Wayne Shade

    I knew It! Bruce Banner 2.0 Fem has all the effects that I’ve been looking for. It is very calming to me, makes me energized, and enhances my creativity every time I use it. This potent bud is bringing the best yields for home growers like me. Finally, I found medicine to treat my arthritis!

  2. Avatar for Grace Ayres

    Grace Ayres

    It increased my mental stimulation, productivity, and upbeat emotional state, all aided by this intense euphoria. It has fragrant and flavorful buds. I can also smell the flowers have a kerosene-like fragrance with sweetly refreshing undertones when crushed. I also like its mind-clearing, and uplifting properties allow for imaginative and positive thoughts to flourish my worries and negativities.

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