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Bruce Banner Marijuana Seeds is a mostly-sativa cannabis strain that grows an average height but can produce amazing yields up to 1000 grams per plant outdoors! You can also expect up to 800 grams per square meter indoors. It flowers fast in just 8 to 10 weeks producing citrus, diesel, sweet, berry, and flowery buds.

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More About Bruce Banner Regular

Incredible High!

Originally, this strain was named after the Alter Ego of the very famous Marvel Character, The Incredible Hulk. As the name suggests, it also resembles the superhero’s strengths, a powerful THC content that will give you a head buzz of a lifetime! Its THC content is over the roof that hovers around 29%, one of the most popular strains to have that staggering THC content to ever land on your hands. The high delivers a deep and cerebral high that is accompanied with sweet and earthy notes.

From its staggering THC content, this strain will surely be a hit for medical use too. It can treat various conditions from mild to severe cases of anxiety, stress, depression, and body-related pains. Although this strain is Sativa dominant, it doesn’t quite stretch reminiscent to its OG Kush parent. However, the strain is very resistant and provides massive yields that are truly gratifying.

Lastly, the strain doesn’t induce laziness, so be sure to have this strain during the daytime to achieve a favorable outcome!

8 reviews for Bruce Banner Regular Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for David Gregoire

    David Gregoire

    I’m completely blown away. I’ve harvested some of the best sativa dominant marijuana I’ve ever grown. I might have gotten a little more yield out of it with some extra trimming throughout—nice buds with lovely vibrant green nugs that are covered in crystals. Meanwhile, the smoke releases an intense berry and sweet flavor that I used to smoke either day or night.

  2. Avatar for John Wiener

    John Wiener

    This plant is a gift to the mind since it is so citrusy, sweet, and smooth to smoke, and it never fails to amaze us with its fantastic taste and sensation! I’m enamored with the way this thing makes me feel. That’s anything I smoke all day all night, and it never fails to put me in a good mood. My buddy and I do most of the growing at my place, and we love sharing this herb and fantasizing about good old times. This weed has brought me joy!

  3. Avatar for Leon Marquez

    Leon Marquez

    I didn’t know that it would turn out as the best! When I used this, it instantly eases the body pain and stress I’m feeling. Bruce Banner swiftly grows into a monster plant with an extremely large trichome that is very worth smoking with its citrus, berry and diesel scent. It has a high THC content that gave me a head and body buzz!

  4. Avatar for Tracy Morgan

    Tracy Morgan

    As a first time grower , this strain made my experience really fun. It was easy and nice plant to grow that produces a love products on the harvest. When I dried it releases a citrus, berry, and sweet smell that really fills the entire room. When I consumed it, it offers me a soothing and relaxing effects and helps me ease my physical discomforts.

  5. Avatar for Matthew Schneider

    Matthew Schneider

    Bruce Banner is fucking amazing when it comes to treating my arthritis and muscle pain. I can see the sowing a bunch of frosted nugs with an abundance of huge trichomes are good results of how I successfully grew my seeds! The smoke was giving me euphoria, motivation, and happiness for the day! I also love its sweet and berry flavors

  6. Avatar for David Ryan

    David Ryan

    What I like about the bruce banner is it grows bushy and short and requires special care. The flavors of sweet berries and fresh flowers combine are very soothing. I feel my mood going high with one hit, and I felt my body was melting. It took all my body pain and headache away! I recommend this to my friends!

  7. Avatar for Todd Morgan

    Todd Morgan

    Finally, I was able to locate a strain that is the ideal stability. After a hard day at work, I was able to go home and hit the vape and chill without being sedated. There’s no pain and it gives me peace of mind. Also, what I love about this strain is it offers massive yields and it is easy to grow.

  8. Avatar for Julius Makur

    Julius Makur

    Ain’t no f***in around with this! Jesus christ, this one was a hitter! Very very very powerful tokes, got my head spinning! It was mostly a head high, gives you a whole new feeling, that’s for sure! Kinda easy to overuse this one, gotta be careful! One hit is definitely enough for new smokers. Tastes were also real good, hashy and gassy flavors were pretty much the main thing. These seeds gave of some freakin amazing yields, super big buds! Easy to look after, nothing stands out in the growing. Very basic and simple, which is great! Hats off to you guys

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