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We have great news for all impatient cannabis growers. We have fast version cannabis seeds for you. Explore our large collection of fast version strains, all fresh seeds guaranteed to germinate as soon as you sprout them. Our fast version seeds are also available for sale all year round you can even buy these in bulk. Take advantage of our special deal on shipping and free seeds. All these when you buy fast version seeds today.

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What are fast version cannabis seeds?

Fast version cannabis seeds are cannabis seeds that will grow into fast version plants. Fast version cannabis is strains that will grow just like photoperiod strains but will be ready for harvest in the quickest time. This type of seed is a strain that will bloom after exposure to a strict 12-hour light and 12-hour dark schedule.

Also, fast version strains are ready to harvest as early as 8 weeks, sometimes shorter. This means you can grow weed as much as twice or thrice a year as long as the growing conditions are right. Not all cannabis strains are available as fast version strains as much as not all strains are available as autoflowering cannabis.

Fast version cannabis is quite similar to automatic strains but with very remarkable differences. First, automatic strains will flower early at just 7 to 9 weeks while fast version strains will bloom at the same time as regular strains but will be ready for harvest at an earlier time. Automatic strains are mostly feminized strains and are small plants. Meanwhile, fast version strains are either male or female and have average sizes.

Why do more growers prefer fast version cannabis seeds?

Many growers are seeing the value of using fast version cannabis seeds. Here are some reasons why:

  • Fast version strains can be male or female

You may use fast version seeds to create new strains as this can produce male or female plants.

  • Fast version strains yield more than autoflowering plants

No doubt that fast version strains will be ready for harvest earlier than other strains. You can use this to grow more medical or recreational cannabis you can store at home.

  • Fast version strains will let you produce weed or seeds twice or thrice a year

Fast version strains have a very short life cycle and thus, you can even harvest twice or thrice a year as long as you provide all your plants’ growing needs.

Are there any special techniques to cultivate fast version cannabis strains?

Because fast version seeds are photoperiod strains, expect flowering when exposed to a 12/12 lighting schedule. To do this more efficiently, grow your plants indoors. Fast version plants require the best care and so, don’t forget to monitor the humidity and temperature levels in your growing area. Maintain low humidity indoors to prevent mold and mildew growth.

If you must use nutrients, consider organic nutrients or fertilizer. This will keep your plants healthy, in good shape, and capable of producing good yields. Always provide fertilizer that matches your plants’ growing phase as cannabis plants in the vegetative stage require a different set of nutrients than flowering plants.

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