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16 Youngest Potheads to Have Ever Walked this Planet

Youngest Potheads

Have you ever about the youngest potheads to have ever walked this planet? You probably are surprised to know that most of them are popular. Their reasons vary from one another. Some due to medical purposes while some use marijuana for recreational. We have gathered some of the names which you just might know. 

Top 16 Youngest Potheads


  • Seth Rogen

According to him, he has his medical recommendation for using marijuana. When he asks for his supply, the people in the dispensary ask him why he uses marijuana. He only said that he had a special ailment that needs marijuana solution. 

  • Bob Marley

He is very much known for his love and passion for marijuana. In all of his songs, you can hear the words marijuana, weeds, and how he just adores this plant. He even quoted that “Why drink and drive if I can smoke and fly?”

  • Miley Cyrus

Everyone was surprised when Miley suddenly changed her image from a childhood sweetheart to a more daring Miley Cyrus. The singer admitted that by using weed, she could able to manage her emotions such as anxiety and anger. The singer even quoted one of her interviews that “I think weed is the best drug on earth.”

  • Woody Harrelson

One of the guys admitted just how much he loves using marijuana for recreational purposes. He said that it could give him the euphoria he needs for his work. He even added that it inspires him. He quoted “The effect of it is euphoria.”

  • Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is just one of the many actors who is using weeds to help them get the inspiration they need during their work. According to the actor, weed gives him the freedom and the relaxation he needs. He even quoted that “I’m an artist.”

  • Whoopi Goldberg

One of the most renown actresses in Hollywood for her amazing acting talents. She started using weeds in her 20s. According to her, it gives her the inspiration and relaxation she needs. The actress even quoted on her magazine interview “My vape pen and I maintain a mostly private relationship.”

  • Matthew McConaughey

He is known for his phrases, ‘alright, alright, alright’. According to the actor, he felt and made these words while he was high on weeds. He quoted “alright, alright, alright” while high as a kite. 

  • Steve Jobs

Apple’s co-founder admitted that he loved edible weeds during the 70s. He is one of the many fans of weed brownies. He found this edible helpful when it comes to sparking inspiration and such. 

  • Rihanna

If you need inspiration then you need weeds. This is whet Rihanna said on one of her many interviews when asked if she is using weeds. According to the singer, it even helped her feel relaxed and manage her anxiety. The singer quoted “Kush rolled, glass full — I prefer the better things.”

  • Jimi Hendrix

One of the most popular singers ever. He is also known for his love and passion for weeds. During his early times, the singer admitted that he started using weeds at an early age. He said that it gives him the inspiration and kick of imagination he needs to help him perform on stage and write songs. He even quoted “Please pass me the peace weed and take some heed. Throw all that mixed up speed.”

  • Lady Gaga

When the singer was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, her doctors prescribed her to use weeds to help her manage pain, especially on her hip bone. Gaga admitted that it actually helped her and even give her inspiration to write songs and perform. The singer even quoted “I smoke a little bit at night, just you know, for fun.”

  • Lil Wayne

The famous rapper is very much known for his love and adoration to weeds. According to him, he started when he was on his teens. It gave him the push to write songs and be inspired and active while performing. He even quoted on one of his many interviews “Well, of course, I smoke mad weed. I’m on my high horse.”

  • Andy Cohen

He admitted that when he is using weeds, he feels more relaxed and more of himself. He said that he started using weeds during his 20s and find it truly amazing. According to him, it gives him more inspiration and even the energy he needs for his work. He even quoted on one of his magazine interviews while laughing “I used to make pipes out of soda cans in the day. I’m really bad at rolling joints, but I could in a pinch.”

  • Charlize Theron

The actress said that using weeds helped her a lot. On one of her interviews, she even admitted that she prefers to smoke weeds than to drink alcohol because of its relaxing effect. The actress even quoted that “I was a wake-and-baker for most of my life. I appreciated marijuana way more than alcohol or anything else.”

  • Kristen Stweart

You probably have seen her pictures all over the net using weeds, smoking weeds, and such. The actress admitted that she started on her late teens. The actress admitted her love for marijuana and not afraid of making her record straight when it comes to using weeds. She even quoted on one of her many magazine and TV interviews that “I’m kind of a weirdo, creative Valley girl who smokes pot…big deal.”

  • Drew Barrymore

There was once a picture by the paparazzi of Drew and her best friend, Camron Diaz on a park sharing something like a joint. According to the actress, she started using weed during her early 20s while shooting MTV videos. She admitted as well that it gave her the adrenaline rush as much as the relaxation she needs on her work. 


These are names of some of the youngest potheads to have ever walked this planet. Most of them are famous people and have names in the Hollywood and business industry. Their reasons for using weeds may vary but it helped them a lot.

Top 8 Strains Satisfied Couples Want You to Try

marijuana strains satisfied couples

Just like sex, marijuana is a blessing to us human beings. It has proven to treat and alleviate different kinds of medical ailments and diseases. Research and science agree that marijuana is indeed beneficial to our health. This is why many physicians and legislators are pushing for its legalization. And with the rise of cannabis enthusiasts all over the world, many strains are being developed every year. 

But would you believe that sex and marijuana is a perfect combination? Yes, there are particular strains out there that can boost your sex life. You can find many couples today who are using marijuana while at the same time making out. The effects are astounding and weed for sex is out of this world. 

If you’re looking for the best marijuana strains for sex, then this article is specially written just for you. We have made a list just for you to ensure that you both enjoy weed and sex at the same time. Before we start giving you the names of the best strains, it’s important to note that not all marijuana strains that you can find today is perfect for sex since there are strains that can leave you couch lock or feel drowsy – you don’t want to experience this while your partner is aching for love. Here are the top 8 strains that satisfied couples want you to try. 


Trainwreck is one of the best sativa-dominant strains out there that are perfect for making love. It gives out an intense cerebral high and enhances your mood for sex. This strain gives you a warm and sensual feeling, making you want your partner to be right beside you. This is perfect for nighttime use since it gives you a very relaxing and calming feeling. 

Also, anyone who feels pain while having sex will benefit from this strain since it effectively relieves sex pain but not the pleasure. If you’re a fan of fringe sex, then Trainwreck is the perfect strain for you. It has citrusy, earthy, piney, aroma and pepper notes.

Blue Cheese

For kinky sex, Blue Cheese marijuana strain is highly recommended. This should make you feel naughty and raunchy. Perfect for couples who are on a vacation and wanted to have extra fun in sex. It’s an indica-dominant strain that 20% THC levels which gives out a great feeling of relaxation without making you feel drowsy.

 It should also make sex more fun and interesting since it gives you a great happy and euphoric feeling. The strain starts slow but once the effects start kicking it, you’ll immediately feel the sudden burst of energy, giving you more stamina and endurance to enjoy prolonged sex. 

Sour Diesel

For couples who wanted to experience wild sex, Sour Diesel is a perfect strain. It’s a sativa-dominant strain that has a whopping THC content of 22%. Indeed, it’s a very potent and powerful beast that gives incredible effects. But even though it’s high in THC levels, consuming this strain doesn’t lead to couch lock. It’s the opposite. 

Sour Diesel is perfect for hard sex since it enhances your stamina and strength. It has an uplifting effect that gives you significant amount of energy. Bear in mind that the effects of this strain can last up to five hours, so you and your partner should be ready for a long night of making love. 

Bubblegum Kush

If you don’t like wild sex and prefer a more relaxed orgasm, then we recommend that you and your partner try out Bubblegum Kush. This is an amazing strain that gives priceless pleasure to couples. Sex becomes more irresistible and you can make love for hours and hours with this strain. 

Thanks to its uplifting and invigorating effects, your sex experience becomes prolonged and you’re able to explore the whole ride more intimately. Another advantage of using this strain is that it makes you feel calmer and able to savor every bit of love that you and your partner is exuding. For couples who love slow and passionate lovemaking, the Bubblegum Kush is worth a try. 


Many couples love having sex early in the morning, and it’s a great practice. Sex in the morning is a great exercise to start of your day and the best strain for this is Harlequin. It’s a very popular strain that is known for its pain-relieving effects. It also makes the user feel more calm, relaxed, and clear-headed. This particular strain is like coffee for sex. It makes you feel more awake and focused on making love. 

No wonder there are countless couples out there who are suggesting Harlequin for sex. What’s great about this strain is that it provides you all the energy you need to switch different sex positions, making things more interesting and pleasurable. The next time, you’re planning to have sex early in the morning, then you should take a hit of this smooth strain. 

Girl Scout Cookies

Also known as GSC, this strains helps your sex performance become more creative. It helps enrich your fantasies and the pleasure of sex becomes more vivid. Just a few hits of this strain and your body becomes warmer – aching for love. This is recommended for people who have a boring sex life and wanted their performance to go to the next level. 

Girl Scout Cookies is one of the most popular strains that you can find in the market today. Myriads of couples who are also cannabis enthusiasts know how remarkable this strain is when it comes to improving sexual intercourse. It’s very easy to purchase this strain since it’s very popular. You should have no problems obtaining it. 

Jack Herer

Life can be pretty tough, busy, and stressful that often your sex life becomes a pity. But with Jack Herer, things should become more interesting again. Your energy for sex will be invigorated and you’ll surely be amazed by what the herb can do to your mind and body. This is an amazing sativa-dominant strain that gives you a headrush and calm mental buzz. It dramatically enhances foreplays and fantasy plays. 

With its floral and citrusy scent and taste, sex becomes a more delectable activity. It also helps the couple become more creative when it comes to sex position. If you’re feeling bored with your sex life, then it’s time for you to give Jack Herer a try. You and your partner will surely not regret it. 


Last but not the least, Jillybean. We can’t have sex and weed discussion without mentioning Jillybean. This is the best strain to consume if you want to be more creative in your sex life. It has an uplifting and euphoric effect that can surely enhance performance and roleplaying. It’s also known to boost one’s confidence and getting your partner to try something new becomes more fun and easy. 

Sex with Jillybean is a must-try for every couple who love marijuana. It enhances sexual pleasure and every sexual position becomes more exciting than ever. Also, this is the best strain for people who are nervous and anxious when having sex. 

Final Thoughts

When consuming weed for sex, be sure that you know what you’re taking. Again, not all cannabis strains that you’ll find today are great for sex and so you have to be very careful. It’s also a brilliant idea to ask for tips and recommendations from experts regarding the best marijuana strain for sex. And more importantly, be sure that with or without marijuana, you and your partner should enjoy making love. 

Top 15 Celebrities Who Claimed to be Hardcore Stoners

hardcore stoners

Many celebrities are fans of marijuana use occasionally, but some stars are really hardcore stoners. A considerable number of celebrities are also being very vocal with their support in cannabis legalization. This is fascinating because there is still much debate worldwide, studies have proven that weed is actually safer compared to tobacco and alcohol.

Here is a list of the top hardcore celebrity stoners.

  • Bob Marley – Though he is no longer around, Bob Marley was the quintessential stoner. Weed was part of his essential needs because it was an indispensable part of his Rastafarian practice. Marley was even once heard to state that marijuana has the power to heal the nations. He has also written many songs about it, and he has been photographed countless times smoking the herb.
  • Snoop Dogg – Basically, weed equals Snoop Dogg. He is literally servicing as a cannabis poster boy, and he has appeared on the cover of High Times on three separate occasions. Recently, Snoop Dogg has partnered with Seth Rogen to create the website Merry Jane, which promotes all things about marijuana.
  • Susan Sarandon – Susan Sarandon is very vocal in promoting the legalization of cannabis. She also openly smoked weed in the movie, “Bill Durham.” Susan was quoted to say that she prefers that her teenage children get stoned instead of getting drunk. Susan also spoke to the New York Times this statement, “I am not a drinker; I’m more of a stoner.
  • Willie Nelson – Willie Nelson can be considered as the celebrity grandfather of marijuana. At 84, he is actually the oldest living cannabis stoner on this list. Nelson has not only sung about his life as a stoner, but he has also written many books dedicated to his love of cannabis. His most daring feat as a stoner was smoking on top of the White House during the 1970s.
  • Woody Harrelson – Another vocal proponent of the cannabis movement is Woody Harrelson. Most recently, he has appeared in the weed documentary “Hempsters: Plant the Seed.” Harrelson has also narrated an earlier documentary that is entitled “Go Further,” which promoted recreational cannabis use. In this film, he revealed how he uses cannabis in his personal life: smoking joints, wearing hemp clothing, and using other hemp products.
  • Cheech and Chong – This comedian duo is obsessed with weed and promoting its use. Most of their comedic material revolves around them being stoners. Both Tommy Chong and Cheech Marin are also politically active in pushing for cannabis legalization. They have toured and many many films together.
  • Megan Fox Though she is famous for her super-hot body, Megan Fox enjoys a regular toke on a joint, too. She has mentioned that she is not really a fan of drugs, but she enjoys smoking weed. Fox has also been a vocal supporter of cannabis decriminalization. She has also lamented the trouble other people have given for her love of smoking weed.
  • Seth Rogen – Seth Rogen has been a stoner for his entire life, and his acting career has actually revolved around jokes about weed. In fact, his film “Pineapple Express” has become the highest-grossing film about cannabis use since “Up In Smoke” was made in 1978. Also, as mentioned above, he recently started a website with Snoop Dogg called Merry Jane.
  • Miley Cyrus – So much has happened to Miley Cyrus since her Hannah Montana days and that includes being a vocal stoner. She began her adulthood by being high on her 18th birthday. After experiencing a hit of sativa, Kelly Osbourne has renamed her as Bob Miley. Miley Cyrus has toked publicly, even at awards ceremonies, and is a very vocal activist about cannabis legalization.
  • Jack Black – Jack Black is a comedian and musician that built his career by making use of his stoner personality. He is a very vocal cannabis activist that in fact his band Tenacious D appeared on the cover of High Times. They have also played a benefit gig for the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.
  • Rihanna – With Rihanna, actions speak louder than words. She may not be as vocal about her love for weed, but she uses clothes and other imagery to give away her life as a stoner. There are several photographs of her while smoking pot, and she had a cake created in the shape of a marijuana leaf to celebrate 4/20.
  • Louis Armstrong – As marijuana and jazz music have always been linked together, Louis Armstrong had many encounters with the authorities about smoking pot. In fact, he was the first celebrity arrested for cannabis use in 1931. He was also known for being an early cannabis activist. Louis Armstrong even wrote a letter to President Eisenhower to request the decriminalization of cannabis.
  • Barack Obama – You might know him as America’s sweetheart and the 44th POTUS, but Obama is no stranger to weed, either. In the biography, Barack Obama: The Story, the author David Maraniss has described Mr. President as a member of a crew of basketball-playing, weed-toking college boys called “The Choom Gang.” Choom is a Hawaiian term for smoking marijuana. 
  • Lady Gaga – This musician got her start by bumping around the clubs of Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Though that doesn’t guarantee she inhaled pot back then, it seems probable. But, if you want evidence of her weed use, watch her documentary, Gaga: Five Foot Two. There, she addresses her issues with fibromyalgia and expresses her love of weed. People tend to forget that celebrities who smoke marijuana may also use it for medical reasons.
  • Brad Pitt – In a 2016 article published in Vulture, it was stated that Brad and Angelina broke up because of his love of cannabis. Unfortunately, Angelina thought that was creating an unfavorable environment for their children. Brad also declares to have spent most of the late ’90s hiding out from the celebrity thing and smoking way too much dope. In 2012, he gave Obama a high five on his efforts to allow the legalization of cannabis.

Celebrities are people like us, too. They get tired. They get stressed. They want to unwind. If they choose cannabis for the relaxation, then let them be. As long as they are somewhere where consumption is legal and they are not hurting anyone, they are free to enjoy the highs that they experience.

Some Delivery Option When Buying Marijuana Seeds Online

buying marijuana seeds online

In buying marijuana seeds online, it is very important to ensure that the seeds are of high quality and the seller has a good reputation on their deliverables around the world.

How do you choose a seed bank where you can get marijuana seeds from?

Marijuana seedbanks and vendors that have great customer service is a sure hint that they provide answers to most marijuana inquiries including the shipping and payment method.  The website must also provide secure ordering and payment system and securely ship the cannabis seeds to the address provided to them.  Some people buy cannabis seeds at trusted growers near them but it is still best to buy the seeds on trusted sellers online.

 What is the best way to ship cannabis seeds?

It is best not to ship the cannabis seeds directly to the address where it will be planted.  Growers may ask friends if you can ship to their house without telling them the content of the package.  There are trusted online sellers that safely and securely deliver the seeds.  There are also growers that ask their orders to be delivered in a vacant address.  Some growers also have their cannabis seeds delivered to a business address which is often not scrutinized.

Are cannabis shipped around the world?

Most marijuana seeds online sellers ship orders to almost any part of the world but there are some exceptions.  If you are a first timer in growing your own cannabis seeds, make sure that you check your country’s law on growing medical marijuana.  Although there are countries that do not allow the cultivation of cannabis seeds, it can still be delivered discretely at the address growers have provided during the order and payment process.

If you are ordering from outside the country, it is best to wait for 3-4 weeks before the seeds can be delivered to you.

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