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White Widow Regular Marijuana Seeds

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White Widow Marijuana Seeds is a classic indica dominant cannabis strain that’s known for being very easy to cultivate. It is a beginner’s strain capable of producing good yields even when it’s only 40 to 80 cm tall. This is also a potent cannabis strain that comes with 25% THC levels.

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More About White Widow

The Absolute Classic Strain

There are a lot of marijuana strains that have cropped up over the past few decades, but none is as iconic as the White Widow. A year after it was introduced to the world, this Indica dominant strain won first place in the High Times Cannabis Cup. With THC levels reaching up to 25%, there is no wonder why this legendary strain is still popular and relevant up to this day.

When you talk about White Widow, you are in for a treat with its defining mental high and delightful cerebral stimulation. The euphoric rush is nothing quite like it; hence many are still at awe with it up to this day. Aside from its head rush, this iconic strain will render you unable to move a muscle.

Best enjoyed in the afternoon for some downtime; this strain remains to be a valuable addition to a line of medical marijuana thanks to its potent ability to relieve pain and stress as well as induce a good night’s sleep.

1 review for White Widow Regular Marijuana Seeds

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    I damn love this strain! I love its potency that hits hard. I love the sweet fruity flavor. And I super love how easy it is to grow! This gurl doesn’t even need much participation and can thrive on its own. Talk about “strong and independent”. Highly recommend this for beginners and seasoned growers. Thanks!

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