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Wedding Cake Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

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Wedding Cake Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain with 25% THC. It is very potent, very relaxing/sedating and can take you to couchlock land if you’re not careful. This is also productive, giving you high yields indoors and outdoors. You don’t need to wait too long as it can produce buds with earthy, sweet, and vanilla flavors in just 8 weeks.

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More About Wedding Cake Auto-flower

Wedding Cake Auto is a bundle of joy when you have this one. A very tasty delicacy from the beginning until the end, you will be greeted with a mix of sweet and fruity flavors and aromas. The scent alone will leave users gasping for their breath, as it mixes sweet and fruity flavors with intense vanilla and earthy flavors as well. Its effects are truly one of a kind, this Indica dominant strain will give you some head buzz from the beginning and will slowly be stimulated away to a euphoric state of mind that caps your day with a peaceful relaxation.

Some people eat sweets and desserts to alleviate stress; the same goes for this strain. Thanks to its uplifting abilities, it can stop any signs of sorrow and loneliness from entering the user’s mind. This strain is truly a stress-buster and combined with healing abilities that are up to par with some of the best medical marijuana out there.

Primarily bred to further improve the amount of yield it can give, this auto-flowering ensure you that it will leave a smile on your face once the harvest season is over.

2 reviews for Wedding Cake Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Anita Haar

    Anita Haar

    Wedding Cake Autoflower is a very mouth-watering strain, her sweet vanilla smell and taste is very addicting. Also it’s an easy to grow strain that produce great yields. Her effects is very relaxing that leaves me couched-locked all the time. Wedding Cake Auto is perfect to use the night.

  2. Avatar for Joe White

    Joe White

    This strain is one of my favorites! This strain is very easy to propagate and it doesn’t need a lot of attention and it would flourish amazingly and offers a huge yield! The appearance of this strain is very pleasing of the orange shade and icy trichomes. And the fruity and sweet aroma and taste of this strain are very soothing. This strain had become one of my favorites because it alleviates my stresses in life and it also uplifts my mood. I would highly recommend this strain to anyone that needs a little uplift in their moods.

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