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Strawberry Kush Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Strawberry Kush Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain that has high THC content at 21%. This strain can produce good yields up to 600 grams per plant outdoors and up to 550 grams per square meter indoors. This is an energetic, euphoric, relaxing, and uplifting strain that can relieve conditions like stress, anxiety, pain, and depression.

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More About Strawberry Kush (fem)

A Berry Spicy Earthy Strain

Who can resist the combination of two legendary strains? Strawberry Kush came from well-respected strains of Strawberry Cough and OG Kush. It’s one of those incredible Sativa dominant hybrid that provides much medicinal application. The strain is used to treat anxiety, pain, stress, depression, and even lack of appetite. It offers big strong buzz, which makes it one of the strongest cannabis strains available today.

It has a flowering time of 8 to 9 weeks, and it is very easy to grow. You can expect great yields both indoors and outdoors cultivation. One can also enjoy delectable fresh berries flavor with earthly tones to it. And if you love spice, herbal, and strawberry flavors, then there’s no doubt that you’re going to love this amazing hybrid strain. Moreover, it’s also perfect for people who are looking for strains that offer mid-high effects.

2 reviews for Strawberry Kush Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for George H.

    George H.

    After trying this strain, I found myself coming back for more. First of all, I love her fresh berry flavor. She also effectively relieved me of stress and anxiety. And, I didn’t expect her to reward me with generous harvests in just a flowering period of 9 weeks since I didn’t put much effort in growing her indoors since she is very low maintenance. Buying again when my stash gets low.

  2. Avatar for Jade Jetterson

    Jade Jetterson

    Finally found the tastiest strain with a supreme head high! I just in awe, a smooth fruity smoke just melts in my mouth. Covers my nostrils with citrusy scents with hints of earthiness and muskiness. A cerebral punch made all my worries and pains gone in an instant. It uplifts my spirit and led me to total body relaxation. Grew them easily indoors on soil using SOG. It grew small and squat but gave me bountiful yields. Dense buds have olive green color coated on sticky crystal trichomes. This antidepressant strain surely going to relax those tension. A must try yummy strain for you to enjoy yourself.

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