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Strawberry Kush Autoflower Marijuana Seeds



Strawberry Kush Autoflowering marijuana seeds are very famous due to their sweet strawberry taste and scent. This strain lives up to its reputation, with an intense synthetic strawberry flavor and a THC level of 23%. This marijuana plant is the hybrid of sour OG Kush and the sweet Strawberry Cough, most potent but not intoxicating. This Strawberry Kush Auto is a Sativa-dominant strain, and it embodies everything we love among Kush varieties. It’s an excellent wake-up or baked ganja, particularly for those looking for relaxation without feeling drowsy. This strain has soothing properties that can set in both the body and mind.

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Strawberry Kush Autoflowering Strain Specifications

Type: Sativa-dominant (70%)
Genetics Parents: OG Kush x Strawberry Cough
Flowering Period: 8-9 Weeks
Climate: Sunny Mediterranean
Yield: 500-510g/sq m Indoors / 450-500g/plant Outdoors
Flavors: Sweet, Strawberry, Berry, Herbal
THC Level: 18-23%
CBD Level: 0.1%
Height: Small
Harvest Period: Mid-October
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavor and Effects of Strawberry Kush Autoflower Strain?

Strawberry Kush’s taste is reminiscent of OG Kush’s genetics. The smoke has citrus, a bitter flavor, and earthy undertones. Cannabis enthusiasts can quickly sense the flavor’s diesel hints. The sweet, strawberry, earthy, and diesel flavors blend well together, resulting in a classic marijuana flavor that daily smokers enjoy. 

The Strawberry Kush Autoflower is a potent strain, but it does not leave you feeling exhausted, unlike other potent strains. This Sativa-dominant hybrid will provide a solid high that leaves you feeling euphoric and elevated, causing your motivation levels to boost and remain high for the entire time. Strawberry Kush would make you feel relaxed and empowered, with a fuzzy warm feeling to your mood and a rose-colored lens to everything you see. This hybrid strain is relaxing, but it is likely to make you feel so comfortable that you could fall asleep in high doses.

What are the Medical Benefits of Strawberry Kush Autoflower Strain?

This strain is an excellent option for medical marijuana patients needing relief, mainly if they are first-time consumers, since it is effective without it being too strong. The  Strawberry Kush is a relaxing and satisfying strain that will help you overcome feelings of hopelessness and depression, allowing you to feel less emotionally burdened by your current problems. Strawberry Kush was also used to treat cancer that has lost their desire due to intense chemical therapies, including chemotherapy and radiation. This strain has also been used to relieve pain and insomnia, making it practical for various medical conditions.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Strawberry Kush Autoflower Strain?

The common drawbacks such as cottonmouth and dry eyes can also trigger when you consume this strain and quickly treat it by drinking many water or fluids. This hybrid contains a considerable amount of THC, which can make you feel mildly uneasy, particularly if you have an average propensity to be anxious. If consuming Strawberry Kush Autoflower strain, you can experience moderate anxiety and experience dizziness, and nausea.

How to Grow Strawberry Kush Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds?

Strawberry Kush Autoflowering marijuana seeds can grow wide and bushy so that they might need some trimming and pruning. It can grow short when developed indoors and grow tall outdoors if provided a vast space during the development period. Also, it prefers a hot, sunny, and Mediterranean environment when grown outside.  When you developed this strain indoors, you can expect a 500-510g/sq m product and be ready to harvest in mid-October with the product of 450-500g/plant.


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