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Strawberry Cheese Autoflower Marijuana Seeds



Strawberry Cheese Marijuana Seeds is a fast-growing indica-dominant strain. It comes with a high THC content at 21% and is a small plant at just 90 cm tall. It is a good strain to grow inside a stealth growing area. It flowers longer at 10 to 12 weeks, giving you berry, cheese, strawberry, and sweet-flavored buds.

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More About Strawberry Cheese Auto-flower

A product from the Mary Jane’s Garden; the Strawberry Cheese Auto-flower has some of the best flavors and potency combination you could come across in your lifetime. This Indica dominant auto-flowering plant should be a delight in your taste buds when you get a hold of these. Not only does it provides very luscious flavors, but it also infuses it with powerfully relaxing high that will have you craving for more.

With THC levels hovering around 21%, you’ll get some of the creamiest cheese a marijuana strain could ever have. Who said that marijuana strain couldn’t this be tastier? We have Mary Jane’s group to thank for.

This Indica dominant strain is versatile enough to be planted indoors, outdoors, or even greenhouse setups. As long as its growing conditions are met, this plant will give you massive yields inside and out.

Lastly, the strain isn’t picky when it comes to light conditions; it blooms whenever wanted and will give you satisfying sweet and fruity cheese scent and taste.


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