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Skunk#1 Autoflower Marijuana Seeds



Skunk#1 Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain that’s tall with good yields. It flowers just 8 to 10 weeks producing buds with citrus, skunk, pungent and sweet flavors. The effects are calming, focused, euphoric, happy, and relaxed, and thus, you can use this strain to relieve anxiety, stress, depression, arthritis, migraines, and muscle pains.

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More About Skunk#1 Autoflower

Another fabled strain that was bred to a ruderalis plant is The Skunk #1. This strain was famous for its potency, flavors, and effects, incorporating some auto-flowering genes made it perfect. A deadly combination of easy to grow, powerful effects, and a dashing blend of flavor and aroma.

Growing this strain is perfect in all types of media, from outdoors, indoors, or even SCROG setups. This particular strain grows short and vigorous and is an ideal strain for growing stealthily. This plant will give you moderate yields under suitable circumstances. Moreover, this fabled strain will give you a very generous outcome, nonetheless.

Taste and smell are very intriguing; a combination of cheese, earthy, sweet, and citrus flavors can be detected from the smoke. The smoke is infused with invigorating high that will surely have your head ablaze for hours. Capable of inducing peaceful thoughts and a highly-relaxing feel, this strain should be used during night time.

Lastly, Skunk #1 has been in the Cannabis world for years, and there are plenty of reasons why.


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