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Skunk Feminized Fast Version Marijuana seeds are one of the classics. It is an indica-dominant strain that has average THC and good yields. This strain prefers to grow inside a greenhouse. It can grow big, fat buds with a skunk, sweet, lemony, earthy, and sour flavors. It offers a creative high, making you feel euphoric and relaxed.

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More About Skunk Feminized Fast Version

Being one of the famous crossbreeds that have influenced every cannabis connoisseurs, Skunk Feminized Fast Version is a seed strain with prominent features. It has schemed the whole marijuana society with its inherited potential that has soon recognized to be a work of art. Its great representation, though, may have gone for a while but has still managed to cope up with this modern times. Meanwhile, setting aside its strong and potent effects, it also is saturated with remarkable fragrance, which is usual to its lineage heredity. Its outstanding characteristics is regarded to be one of the best.

Incorporated with up to 23 percent of THC, Skunk Feminized Fast Version is a reliable variant that can generate extreme psychoactive effects which can be very cerebral. One with a highly-uplifting influence can encourage ones’ mind with great repose and calmness. Not only that, it is a recreational variety, but it is also worthy due to its medicinal value. Being an easy seed strain to grow, it doesn’t really need any customary developing style for it to strive. When it comes to its sturdy frame, it is a resilient one that can combat plant diseases and infections followed by its fast flowering phase that can be finished after 55 days.


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