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Shiskaberry Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Shiskaberry Marijuana Seeds is an indica cannabis strain that has a balanced high for the relief of depression, stress, anxiety, and pains. It is a strain with very large buds and sticky buds ideal for concentrate making. It can yield high outdoors up to 2000 grams per plant and indoors, you can get as much as 600 grams per square meter.

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More About Shiskaberry (fem)

A Strain That Impresses Outdoors

Also named as Kish, Shiskaberry is the resulting strain of crossing DJ Short Blueberry and an Afghani strain. It is an Indica-dominant plant that starts manifesting a kind of high that influences the user to feel social and happy, and while it subsides, it’s Indica ability will also cover an effect that will make the user feel sleepy and deeply relaxed. Since this strain exhibits a well-balanced high, it is also a good strain to aid stress, depression, and chronic pains.

Many cannabis growers venture in propagating Shiskaberry. The plant typically grows with a height of 80 to 120 centimeters. It prospers with huge buds with pale green leaves, dark green foliage, dark orange, and caramel pistils, and gummy trichomes.

Shiskaberry can be reared both indoors and outdoors, although there can be a noticeable difference in terms of yield. When indoors, the plant can produce a yield of 500 to 600 grams per square meter, while outdoors, the plant can produce an outrageous yield of 1500 to 2000 grams per plant.

1 review for Shiskaberry Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Jimmy Rasmussen

    Jimmy Rasmussen

    Wow, finally found the perfect social strain for sharing that is very rewarding. It delighted me with so bountiful yields to about almost 2 kilos of dense huge buds coated on the sticky trichomes per plant. It made me able to share it with friends. I thrived the seeds out on my garden and it grew tall and sturdy. Easy to grow with just minimal attention. A smooth smoke thrilled me with so much happiness that it washed away all my stress and tensions. An Indica effect also helped me with my insomnia as I can now be able to have a deep long sleep. I often indulge this with friends on a laid back afternoon weekend with chitchats and snacks. As we smoke, a delicious fruity fragrance filled up the room with a pungent sweet berry scent and earthy undertone. Taste buds were also satisfied with the same goodness as what its scent did. Above all, this is definitely worth the try. I will order more for sure! Two thumbs up on this pleasing strain!

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