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Crossbreeding two well-known strains, Gelato #33 and Skittlez, culminated in the Runtz strain. Gelato #33 is a potent strain with a soft, citrusy taste. The Skittlz, on the other hand, is an Indica-dominant strain with a wide variety of fruity and sweet flavors. When another strain, Ruderalis, is added to the mix, the result is a strain that has all of the benefits of Runtz while requiring less flowering time and space.

Runtz is a rare strain with an unusual flavor. The candy-like taste that gives it its name will be familiar to you, but it also has high THC levels, ranging from 18 percent to a whopping 29 percent. Runtz is a hybrid strain that gives you the best of all worlds: a delirious high and a muscle body buzz.

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Runtz Autoflower Strain Specifications

Type: Indica-Sativa hybrid
Genetics Parents: Zkittlez x Gelato #33 x Ruderalis
Flowering Period: 8 to 9 weeks
Climate: Unknown
Yield: 14-16oz/m2 Indoors, 18 oz/m2 Outdoors
Flavors: Berry, Fruity, Sweet, Earthy
THC Level: 18%-29%
CBD Level: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Harvest Period: mid-October
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavor and Effects of Runtz Autoflower Strain?

The Runtz Auto greets its users with a short, candy-like fragrance that will make them want to dive right in. The flavors, on the other hand, are where this strain shines. It has many sweet and fruity tropical notes balanced out by a mellow earthy undertone that most marijuana strains have. 

Runtz Auto is a fast-acting strain with a solid and euphoric cerebral high. This strain will fill the room with fits of laughter and joy, but not as strong as its Runtz version. It also gives its users a burst of imagination, so take advantage of it and get started on those projects you’ve been putting off for a while. When the body buzz kicks in, the head high will make users want to walk around, but this will inevitably lead to an immobilized couch-lock condition where emotions are the only ones running wild. As a result, this strain is better used after work, light exercises, or watching movies.

What are the Medical Benefits of Runtz Autoflower Strain?

Apart from its fantastic recreational effects, the Runtz Auto is also excellent medical marijuana that benefits many patients suffering from various ailments. It has mood-enhancing properties that have helped people suffering from depression, anxiety, chronic stress, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Its pain-relieving properties aid in the relief of chronic pain, joint pain, and muscle stress, all of which have kept users from becoming involved. This calming pressure doesn’t improve migraines and headaches. The anti-inflammatory properties of this strain can be helpful to those who have arthritis. The Runtz Auto works wonders for people with the condition or cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy because it decreases nausea and vomiting while also inducing appetite. Finally, its Indica properties are a blessing to those suffering from sleep problems such as insomnia, as the Runtz Auto can guarantee a restful night’s sleep.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Runtz Autoflower Strain

Consumption of the Runtz Auto, like most marijuana strains, can trigger dry eyes and mouth. Increased water intake before, during, and after smoking, the session may help to relieve these discomforts.

How to Grow Runtz Autoflower Strain 

When you first start growing your Runtz strain, the sativa genetics are evident. It’s a fast-growing plant that doesn’t branch out naturally. It responds well to high-stress training strategies for growers interested in teaching it to grow out rather than up. The Screen of Green growing technique will help gardeners get the most out of their Runtz plants in this situation.

Runtz is an expert at growing plants indoors. Plants should be able to harvest in around 7-9 weeks on average. The Runtz strain yields 14-16 oz of high-quality bud per square meter when grown indoors, depending on training methods. In the northern hemisphere, farmers should anticipate their harvesting to be ready by mid-October while growing Runtz outside. Each Runtz plant produced up to 18 ounces of bud under ideal conditions.


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