Somango Regular Marijuana Seeds

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Somango Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain. This is a beginner strain that can provide a euphoric mental high. It is a strain with high THC, which can give you creative, energetic, focused, hungry, sleepy, and happy effect. It is a strain with citrus, earthy, mango, vanilla, and spicy flavors.

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More About Somango (Regular)

Originated from the crossbreeding of Jack Herer and Big Skunk strains, the Somango strain is famously known as the Beast, one that has a beastly effect and unique set of the exotic taste of mango terpenoids.

Reaching up to 18% of THC level, the Somango strain provokes calmness and creativity, which promotes energizing vibes, perfect for consumers with a stressful life, or having various health issues. Both recreational and medical users will share great experiences with the strain.

A must-have for all types of growers, ranging from beginners to experts, the strain can easily adapt to different types of cultivation techniques and easily manages to sustain growth with ease regardless of the growing location.

Particularly suitable for indoor and greenhouses settings, the strain has shown less growth and development outdoor, though. Being dominant in indica variety, this strain is surprisingly thriving into a tall plant with lots of lateral branching. Roughly, within 60 to 70 days of the flowering phase, the strain will reach up to 150 centimeters and could generate up to 600 grams indoor.

3 reviews for Somango Regular Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Richard Brigman

    Richard Brigman

    A perfect mix of Indica heavy and Sativa that makes it excellent for indoor growth. The combination of citrus, mango, and vanilla flavors makes me interested in smoking this! Somango Reg is made for home growers like me since it is easy to grow due to its average and bushier nature—excellent yield for qualities above. Actual smoke is very, very relaxing. This weed is perfect for my relaxing time!

  2. Avatar for Iyana Clark

    Iyana Clark

    What an amazingly delightful strain! Fair easy to thrive and grows to be an aromatic medium-sized cannabis plant. I never had a hard time growing this as it really loved the humidity of my area. Harvested great yields of fluffy resinous buds covered in crystal trichomes. Harsh smoke may give a skunky smell but it will be overwhelmed with its tropical sweet and delicious taste which I loved the most. Surprised how it gave me a focused mind that stimulates me with creative thoughts. This creeper acts up fast to elevate my mood and soothe my irritability to body pains perfectly. You better try it now to experience this tropical strain yourself.

  3. Avatar for Niña M.

    Niña M.

    I sooo love this strain! Its high is not just freaking uplifting, but also it is enhanced by its delightful flavor! I had some very minor setbacks with its growth, but all was fine. Still, it was really worth the time and effort. Experiencing this strain is a must. Thank you!

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