Moby Regular Marijuana Seeds

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Moby Marijuana Seeds is a large sativa plant with delicious citrus and vanilla flavors. It can produce massive yields with buds teeming with 24% THC. It has an energetic, creative, calming, uplifting, and relaxing effect which can treat pain, depression, stress, fatigue, anxiety, and many more. It’s easy to grow and prefers an outdoor environment.

Pack Size PriceQuantity
5 Seeds $40.00
10 Seeds $70.00
25 Seeds $120.00

More About Moby

Top Shelf Strain

Short for Moby Dick, this legendary name comes from the fictional character that shares an equally legendary status in the cannabis world. This classic Sativa dominant strain is considered one of the topmost favorite marijuana to smoke. As a hybrid of two iconic strains, Haze Sativa and White Widow, Moby is a testament to how science works. This strain offers a different take on the classic pine and earthy flavor and aroma by incorporating a vanilla taste.

With 27% THC levels, one should expect an uplifting euphoria at the onset, followed by fits of giggles and laughter. This strain also encouraged philosophical thinking and heightened creativity that should favor artists and other brilliant minds to work better. Apart from its effects, this hybrid is also popular amongst medical marijuana users with its potential for stimulating the appetite and calming down the nerves.

As a grower, the ease of growth and outstandingly high amounts of yield will ensure that you are always getting the value for your money.

3 reviews for Moby Regular Marijuana Seeds

  1. Joseph Wegman

    Legendary! I’m happy that Moby Dick Reg is resistant to mold and mildews. It makes it easier for me to grow! Meanwhile, the buds are color green its hairs are yellowish. Its scent blends citrus, earth, and wood. For me, it tastes sweet and lime. As I puff, I can instantly feel powerful, creative, and calm the whole day. Moby Dickalso helps cure my insomnia. Very satisfied with the product I bought!

  2. Mirriam Gilmore

    Moby Dick is a childhood memory of mine, so I decided to try this and surprisingly it hit me hard. Grew the seeds successfully using the SOG technique indoors, and gave me a sturdy, short, and resilient plant at a fast pace. Buds are big covered with white trichomes and orange hairs. I like its complex flavors that are sweet and citrusy with hints of vanilla and mint that is very refreshing. It buzzed me with so much happiness that inspires me to be more creative. It also helped me with my pains and fatigue. You should better try this and feel the euphoria that I am talking about.

  3. Matthew Thorpe

    It was an amazing strain to grow and rewarded me with a equally amazing harvest. It tastes quite sweet. I felt very uplifted, with a pretty intense sensation of happiness. I recommend it to anyone.

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