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Candy Punch Marijuana Seeds is the sweetest sativa-dominant strain you’ll ever taste. This strain gives you a very prominent high making this effective for conditions like arthritis, anxiety, fatigue, depression, nausea, migraines, and stress. It flowers fast and produces fat and dense bud with berry, lemon, earthy, sweet, and sour flavors.

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More About Candy Punch Regular

A candy that punches you!

True to its name, the Candy Punch regular strain punches you right through the head with sweet and fruity flavor profiles that explode in the mouth with such goodness! From the first toke down to the last, you will get a hard-hitting high that will translate into a mood that will easily be uplifted, and a cerebral narcotic high quickly ensues. The quick-acting high is retained for a longer time, making you enjoy its lasting benefits.

Growers of this strain are often recommending that this strain should be planted outdoors as it really loves the exposure it gets from Sun. It produces massive yields in the process, and while waiting, you will be serenaded with fruitful scents that will keep you motivated during the waiting process. This strain also induces pain-relieving duties that will keep ailments at bay over the course.

Moreover, this potent strain should be on the market for a long period of time for its magical attributes.

10 reviews for Candy Punch Regular Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Martin Peraza

    Martin Peraza

    My candy punch strain turned out beautifully for a first-time grower like me. Indoors, it’s a robust, complete, dense, and potent plant that’s relatively easy to grow since it is also resilient to all pests and molds. All three seeds grew to be five and a half feet tall, with a decent yield. The result was some of the most delicious buds ever. It tastes like pure lemon, berry, and sour that blends well in my mouth when I smoke it numerous times. And the high was incredible. I also use it as my treatment for anxiety! This strain will not disappoint you!!

  2. Avatar for Robert Rivera

    Robert Rivera

    WORTH BUYING! I have persistent anxiety and fatigue, as well as migraines on occasion. All I’d read about with this strain had persuaded me that it was the one I needed to try, then Instantly I felt profound relief. Then the berry and the earthy aroma was the very first thing I noticed. It was fantastic, and it did exactly what it said it would: it left me feeling more comfortable. Candy Punch Reg gave me massive yields!

  3. Avatar for Russell Earnest

    Russell Earnest

    Candy Punch is the best sativa strain I’ve ever tried. I’m from Belgium and this strain was the only way for me to separate myself from depression. Finally, this year, when I stopped taking drugs, I was able to reclaim my emotions. When I smoked this sativa and went into my Friday sauna, it was the most amazing feeling I’ve ever had. This Candy Punch is my current favorite strain. Very basic to cultivate and thrives well in a warm climate.

  4. Avatar for Chauncey Allen

    Chauncey Allen

    I’m telling you that Candy Punch took away my migraines and anxiety!! It tastes similar to fresh fruits and pines with a kick of lemon and wild berries! Good smoke for chilling and unwinding! Besides, it gave me excessive yields, green buds, and thin-fingered leaves.

  5. Avatar for Alexander Atkin

    Alexander Atkin

    I was satisfied due to the creativity, mind-focusing, and relaxing effects.The taste was quite shocking since it really tastes like real berries and freshly squeezed lemon. I had also used my experience in growing marijuana, so it was easy for me to grow Candy punch reg effortlessly. A God-sent seed!

  6. Avatar for Clara Melendez

    Clara Melendez

    I am a fan of Candy Punch Regular since it has a robust sweetness of berries and mixed fruits that penetrates my taste buds. It makes me excited and happy all day! I took a lot of care and effort in growing it. In return, I got heavy yields that shocked me.

  7. Avatar for Edward E.

    Edward E.

    Has a wide array of medical benefits so I did not regret ever trying my luck on this because I got more value than the money I spent! Gone are the nights when I had to suffer from headaches. Thanks to Candy Punch Regular!

  8. Avatar for Luis Parkette

    Luis Parkette

    I wasn’t sure if I was able to receive my orders since deliveries here are pretty tight. But beaver seeds sure kept their word! I got my seeds with no issues at all. They were properly packages with a few extras in there too! Lovely buds, very pungent smells. Can’t wait to try out how they taste!

  9. Avatar for Rick Jenner

    Rick Jenner

    What I love about this strain is that it gives me a spectacular feel that I didn’t ever experience before! It’s sweet yet strong, and it smells fruity-ish – I can’t remember my nose getting irritated with it. Uggggghhh! I just can’t get enough of it. It also grows really fast. Flowers sprouted in a few weeks! Come on guys! You need to try this!

  10. Avatar for Elisa Heartenfield

    Elisa Heartenfield

    This strain likes the sun very much. I tried growing this indoors but I am quite fascinated and satisfied with the outdoor setting results. It reminds me so much of my favourite sweet treats as a kid. Luv it!

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