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BC God Bud Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain that comes with a very powerful smell and taste that will certainly get you hooked. This strain comes with a very potent 24% THC and will give you a heavy yield. It flowers quickly in just 8 to 9 weeks and can produce weed that will fight depression, insomnia, pain, poor appetite, and PTSD.

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More About BC God Bud Regular

Heaven sent!

A direct descendant from God Bud, the BC God Bud Regular is an Indica dominant plant that shows its dominant genes just by looking at it. The plant is quite short but provides minty-herbal flavors around its buds. Although the strain is a joy to watch just by looking at it, it does offer its smokers a decent amount of high that is invigorating for users to have some more. A relaxing high quickly ensues that doesn’t sedate its users and is often best used if users want to chill or just watch a movie.

Growing this strain is very hard; even seasoned growers are having a hard time cultivating this one because it needs a lot of preparation. The key to its successful cultivation is stable airflow and proper sunlight exposure. In the medical side of things, this strain is a miracle worker, and the healing properties are compelling enough to be used as a pain-reliever against specific conditions such as arthritis, rheumatism, and multiple sclerosis.

4 reviews for BC God Bud Regular Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Florencio Linzy

    Florencio Linzy

    God Bud Regular has bright green trichomes and thick buds. It grows short, but it gave me almost 900 grams of bud. I enjoy the taste, which reminds me of earthy, sweet pine, and the high, which is epic and soothing, gets me thinking very buzzy thoughts, making me want to sketch!

  2. Avatar for Harold Ham

    Harold Ham

    Since I always loved for mint-flavored strains, BC God is my chosen one! It also gave me heavy yields in just a few weeks! Her leaves and buds are vibrant green; it has yellow-orange pistils and dripping resins! The scent was slightly too earthy and sweet! The Quality was all out and fantastic! I always loved its inspiring effects, it makes me always productive.

  3. Avatar for Harold T.

    Harold T.

    Minty good tasting strain! Love its aromatics character! I am a medical cannabis user who is suffering from arthritis for a long time now and I find BC God Bud as an addition to my strains that help me alleviate the pain. It also easily grown well outdoors and gave me bountiful yields. Beaver Seeds has a good variety of seeds to choose from and this is one of them. Recommending this site for its good customer service and great products.

  4. Avatar for PRobitaille


    Things went very well pretty impressed with this strain. It was a great plant to grow , seemed to be strong and resilient. Plant is quite short and bushy and produces dense, large buds. You can smoke this all day good buzz a perfect nice high.

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