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Agent Orange Regular Marijuana Seeds

(3 customer reviews)


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Agent Orange Marijuana Seeds is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain that yields well, and flowers fast. This is a lovely plant growing very tall at 200 to 300 cm high. This strain comes with 22& THC and will flower in just 8 weeks. It is an energetic, focused, and relaxed strain that can help relieve conditions like migraines, anxiety, arthritis, depression, and stress.

Pack Size PriceQuantity
5 Seeds $40.00
10 Seeds $70.00
25 Seeds $140.00


More About Agent Orange Regular

A Vibrant and Revitalizing Weed

Agent Orange may have a very notorious and colorful history during the Vietnam War, but this version is much more pleasant. Instead of producing an intoxicating experience for its user, it offers a more vibrant and gratifying high, followed by a revitalizing buzz that takes away all the pain from the body. This Sativa leaning plant is known to have a moderately high amount of THC, which ensures that you get the high that you need. Furthermore, it is also refreshing medical marijuana that eases anxiety and other related issues.

Ideally, this is a strain that is commonly used during the day when you want to finish a lot of work and have no time to relax. The invigorating effects of this strain help you focus and finish the job as quickly as possible. Its spicy lemon flavor makes it an appealing weed to smoke for beginners while the seeds can be grown in greenhouses at a more temperate climate.

3 reviews for Agent Orange Regular Marijuana Seeds

  1. Ann Simpson

    This strain is one of my great choices in life. Plus that it is very easy to cultivate and offers me to be more energetic, focused, and relaxed. This plant grows really tall and it becomes fully matured in just about 8 weeks. It eases my anxiety and lessens my overthinking. Whenever I’m puffing this it makes me focus and be productive on my hectic schedule. It has a flavor and aroma of spicy lemon,cheese, orange and sweet makes it very interesting about this strain. It requires to be planted in a place which is a direct sunlight spot. It has long buds and it has to be trimmed and trained for its production but all of my hard work definitely pays off after harvest time. This strain is really worth it after all.

  2. DRobinson

    A favourite strain whenever I want to stay focused. And yes, no problems with growing this seed. I tried growing it in soil and I am very much satisfied with the yield. Agent Orange is a bomb and oh can’t get enough of its lemony and flavourful taste.

  3. JSolis

    Great strain to grow! This was a extraordinary experience growing an incredible Agent Orange. I’ve taken in a couple of things and I’m content with the outcomes. I took in somewhat more about this grow and will learn significantly progressively on my next grow.

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