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Panama Feminized Marijuana Seeds



Panama Marijuana Seeds is a pure sativa cannabis strain with high THC levels at 18%. It is a productive strain that can give you up to 500 grams per plant outdoors and up to 400 grams per square meter indoors. This classic takes time to flower, but when it does, you’ll have a lemon, spicy, sweet, and vanilla-flavored buds.

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More About Panama (fem)

A Lady Offering One Hell of a Buzz

The cannabis market has chock-full of hybrids. However, very few of these strains are purebred. Panama feminized is one of these limited purebreds in the market, which is why many growers are focusing their gardening skills in propagating it. It is 100 percent Sativa and is a vigorous offshoot of Panama and Colombia landraces.

The propagation of Panama feminized offers growers several edges. Growers who do not have plenty of time to dedicate to gardening can still succeed in growing this plant. Panama is not weak in managing molds, pests, and diseases. And with its wealthy yields, the plant never fails to give great happiness to the growers during harvest season.

Panama exhibits a flavor that perfectly matches its fragrance. Traces of Panama stay in the palate, the smoke marks behind a sugary aftertaste that lingers for quite a while.


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