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Northern Lights #10 Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Northern Lights #10 Marijuana Seeds is a classic indica-dominant strain. It’s an easy to grow strain and comes with high THC content at 20%. It’s a tall plant that flowers early at just 6 to 8 weeks. You’ll get large buds with pine, sour, flowery, spicy, sweet and woody flavors

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More About Northern Lights #10 (fem)

The Best Side of Northern Lights

Pamper yourself with Northern Lights #10 feminized as valuable sensations travel through the body, stimulating the nerves the fullest. An Indica-dominant plant, Northern Lights #10, is a descendant of Northern Lights and a Secret Hybrid. And even though one of its parents is not known, there is no question that Northern Lights #10 is compelling. The strain creates superior quality euphoria and tranquilization, which is useful in aiding stress, mild depression, anxiety, migraines, arthritis, and inflammation.

Furthermore, Northern Lights #10 also brings great satisfaction to cannabis growers. Firstly, the plant is easy to grow, so it does not cause too much trouble in imposing intensive care. It creates strong defiance to molds and some diseases. It can also adjust to the fluctuation in temperature. Nonetheless, growers must do regular pruning to maximize the exposure of plants to light, which is necessary for its healthy growth.

3 reviews for Northern Lights #10 Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Rita Smalley

    Rita Smalley

    At my age, I always struggle with arthritis and back pain, but then I found this marijuana strain that could alleviate this ailment. I started growing these seeds indoor where they developed thick branches and resinous bus, it was easy to grow this plant since it’s very resistant to mold and other plant tissues. Harvested a lot from this plant, then hang it for drying and it releases a very piney, floral scent. Very fantastic strain indeed!

  2. Avatar for Gregory Hunt

    Gregory Hunt

    DAMN! Northern Lights #10 Fem is potent with floral, sweet, woody scent! When I first smoked it, I thought it was amazing; I felt like I was floating around the world, in clouds, and my trip was incredible; 1-2 hits by joint, and I’m very high, as the high trip lasted 4-5 hours; after that time my muscles feel are relaxed. I love how Northern Lights #10 is resistant to any kinds of diseases and molds when growing

  3. Avatar for Michael Slater

    Michael Slater

    Growing Northern Lights was very easy, and it didn’t need a lot of care when growing due to its strong resistance to molds and pests. It also grows very tall and produces decent yields. The buds have a deliciously pine-like, citrusy aroma, and is very easy to smoke this strain cuz of its pleasant smell. Consuming this makes me feel alive!

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