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Matanuska Tundra Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Matanuska Tundra Marijuana Seeds is a balanced hybrid cannabis strain with high THC at 18% and can produce good yields despite having a small size at only 50 to 75 cm high. Its flowers are large with earthy and woodsy flavors. This energetic and euphoric strain can help you deal with anxiety, migraines, depression, and stress.

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More About Matanuska Tundra (fem)

Tough and Volatile, Just the Way you Like it

Matanuska Tundra feminized is an iconic Sativa-dominant strain that hailed from Alaska in Matanuska Valley. There were several speculations concerning the origin of the plant, but up to these days, its lineage remains a secret. This strain exhibits the powerful fragrance of menthol, lemon, pine, and skunk. It is prevalent because of its soothing but extreme euphoric high. Many enthusiasts also love their property to stimulate the appetite of the user.

Matanuska Tundra grows a small, thick plant, although it bears many side branches. Wide colas covered with glacial THC crystals. It is best to cultivate this plant indoors with the setup of Sea of Green. RH level has to be maintained between 40-50 percent to avoid the accumulation of moisture in this confined arrangement. It is also essential to keep the temperature around 21-26 degrees Celsius.

3 reviews for Matanuska Tundra Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Caryl Doty

    Caryl Doty

    I have grown all the seeds in my greenhouse. The quality and taste were outstanding! Full of Sticky Resin! The smoke has many medical benefits to me, especially removing the depressive thoughts and also body pain. At the end of smoking Matanuska Tundra, I can Instantly feel my energy increasing, and I feel euphoric right after smoking it.

  2. Avatar for Patricia Williams

    Patricia Williams

    Matanuska Tundra is perfect for removing stress and all my negative thoughts. The mental calm and a tremendous physical calming, but that will not knock you down, perfect for meditation and work. This strain has a strong earthy, chocolatey and resinous taste. Matanuska Tundra is easy to grow and offers good yields for a small plant. Five star all thw way for this strain, it is just excellent!

  3. Avatar for Burl Boyd

    Burl Boyd

    This plant is fantastic; it produces a good yield and smells like Chocolate. One of the strains I have smelled flowery and sweet and Woody smoke flavor. Overall, this is a fantastic strain that is simple to cultivate. Matanuska Tundra Fem is my new favorite strain, so I cloned her and will keep her in my grow room for a while.

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