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Mandarine Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain known for being a very easy strain to cultivate. It is a small plant, growing only 50 to 110 cm tall but can produce average yields. It can grow indoors or outdoors and will flower in 8 to 10 weeks. It comes with a refreshing sweet citrus flavor that everyone loves.

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More About Mandarine Auto-flower

An Indica dominant auto-flowering strain, the Mandarine Auto provides users with intense flavors of all citrus fruits in one serving. The smell of the smoke can be easily detected from miles away; that’s how intense this strain is. What sets this apart from other potent strains is its fragrance and flavors combined with gentle and pleasing effects.

Mandarine Auto’s effects are often described as a gentle cerebral buzz that helps clear the minds of its users and convert it into happy and giggly thoughts. A tranquil buzz often engulfs the whole body with a staggering amount of THC content that hovers around 20%. It easily calms the mind and body and will serve as a great choice for day time use.

For beginners, be sure to have this strain in moderation as you might get caught off guard with its overwhelming high. There is not much to say about this product negatively, only plenty of good ones. Growing this strain might need to add some guerilla tactics to it when grown outdoors.


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