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Magnum Marijuana Seeds is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain popular for its dank and delicious flavors. It is an average-sized plant that can produce average yields. It can flower longer, but it will produce large buds with citrus, spicy, pungent, and sweet flavors. You’ll love its creative, energetic, happy, and uplifting effect, which can be used to deal with stress, depression, and pain.

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More About Magnum Autoflower

A very potent Sativa, the Magnum Auto strain is a product from a very famous group, the Buddha Seedbank. It is a Sativa dominant that shows no traces of Indica heritage. This strain is popular among party-goers for its dazzling effects. Its effects are known to boost social interaction and confidence. Some users even recommending that whenever you would go on an event, have a smoke of this one to enjoy its benefits.

Growing this strain should give you plenty of yields. However, the plant has a very towering height that reaches up to 5 feet, although it may not be advisable to be cultivated from the attention it gives, some guerilla tactics may be needed. Despite its towering height, it doesn’t quite have the vigor and thrives on small pots alone.

The best part about the Magnum Auto is it brings out the joy and laughter in every conversation, and it doesn’t bring any dull moments throughout the high.

Overall, great strain to have yourself some social interaction and bonding.

1 review for Magnum Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Roman Brackman

    Roman Brackman

    I really loved the effects of this Magnum Autoflower, as an artist, this could help me a lot with my creativity and enthusiasm. This plant doesn’t need a lot of attention when growing, she could just grow on her own and could give large strains. It also offers a delicious taste with a spicy and sweet scent.

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