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LSD Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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LSD Marijuana Seeds is a balanced cannabis strain. This hybrid comes with a high 24% THC, which is why it has very potent energetic, focused, relaxed, creative, and sleepy effects. It is also a medical strain that is useful for inflammation, pain, arthritis, migraines, anxiety, depression, stress, and more. It produces good yields and is small enough to fit inside a growing cabinet or closet.

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More About LSD (fem)

A Pleasant Trippy Encounter

LSD feminized is the output achieved in crossing Mazar Sharif with the other strain, Skunk #1. It is an Indica-dominant plant whose name is from its intensely psychedelic effect. It is a very potent and sturdy strain that exhibits high defiance to an array of plant diseases and mold infections. Its THC content ranges from 14 to 19 percent.

Cultivating LSD is a piece of cake and, at the same time, provides great joy to the cultivators. It comfortably conforms to various growing conditions and is suited for all types of medium.  If cultivated indoor, the plant follows a flowering period of 60 to 65 days with a very promising yield. Under other conditions such as outdoor cultivation, the harvest period will happen at the onset of October. The plant can reach a height of 90 to 100 cm, either indoor or outdoor.

LSD is easy to grow, so she is highly recommended even for the beginners. She is short and bushy. Also, she takes less time to bloom, which is another great reason why she deserves a spot in every cannabis garden.

5 reviews for LSD Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Gary Whitford

    Gary Whitford

    LSD fem is God-sent! It has a high THC level to me, very useful for treating my mental health issues like clinical depression and occasional migraines. It has dark green buds, thick layers of resin that grow short and bushy. It was potent enough that made my body relaxed and focused on my work. I also love its sweet flavor that reminds me of a freshly baked cookies.

  2. Avatar for Evelyn Hopper

    Evelyn Hopper

    This strain is very spectacular! Didn’t have a lot of problems growing it and very resistant to any pests and plant diseases. These aromatic buds give off a herbal, sweet, and pungent scent. I always feel euphoric, uplifted and relaxed whenever I consume this strain. Five stars for this spectacular marijuana strain!

  3. Avatar for Amado Compton

    Amado Compton

    I recommend this variety to all. I grew it indoors in Germany from September to March, and I must say that it is truly the best in this environment. The plant is healthy and rich in resins, has been proved both outdoors and indoors, and does not require much nutrition during the growing season. It has a sweet taste that adds up to its mood-boosting effects.

  4. Avatar for Alison Davis

    Alison Davis

    The LSD fem is a great strain that produces potent buds with a mild-bubblegum and piney scent. I find it an excellent plant for dry sift because it makes a delightful taste that reminds me of candies, like a nice dessert. Overall, it’s a fantastic strain to develop. I can feel how the cerebral buzz creeps into my nerves while relaxing my whole body!

  5. Avatar for Eugenia Lofton

    Eugenia Lofton

    Growing weed is one of my hobbies because it gives me joy and fulfillment every time I can grow a marijuana plant and I can use the crop I planted for weeks, and this LSD feminized marijuana seed is my favorite strain from all the strain I am growing. It is very easy to grow, it doesn’t need a lot of time monitoring it, just feed this plant enough nutrients and water and it will literally give you an excellent result just like what it did to me! This strain also helps me relax and helps me with my insomnia. I highly recommend this one!

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