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Lemon Tree Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Lemon Tree Marijuana Seeds is a balanced hybrid cannabis strain with high THC at 23%. It is a tall plant growing from 75 to 200 cm high and will produce up to 500 grams of weed per plant outdoors and up to 500 grams per square meter indoors. This strain flowers early giving you lemon, pine, pungent and sweet flavored buds.

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More About Lemon Tree (fem)

The Versatile Hybrid

Lemon Tree feminized, being the offspring of Lemon Skunk and Sour Diesel, is arguably a versatile hybrid.  It is a powerful combination comprise of balanced genetic composition. Hence, this strain creates more cerebral impact at the beginning of the consumption – an exhilarating one at that – just before the body relaxes into complete tranquillity. Its imperative scent is one of its outstanding characteristics.

Another good thing about Lemon Tree feminized is the accessibility of propagating it. It is never a wobbly plant. It hardly needs more care and ordinary chores. Attention is very significant when raising this plant, particularly when harming the plant. As long as the grower managed to keep the environment clean and excellent, it will only take a little while for the plant to begin to stretch. The flower exudes aromatic, peppery hints of lemon. The sweet odor of pine stabilizes the acidity of the taste.

6 reviews for Lemon Tree Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Barbara Simpson

    Barbara Simpson

    The sweet scent of pines and citrus flavors is my favorite! That’s why Lemon tree fem is my favorite weed to grow! I only exerted a little effort, but it turned stunning since it flourished well in my little garden, while it has vibrant green buds, orange pistils, and dripping with resins! I smoked it twice, but I instantly felt relaxed and soothed for the whole day.

  2. Avatar for Virginia Hick

    Virginia Hick

    This marijuana plant could really grow tall when developed outdoors, it really thrives well with a lot of sunshine and it also yields massively. Using this strain gives a pungent, sweet, lemon taste that always makes me take another hit and its effects always got in my mind giving me serenity.

  3. Avatar for Darryl Silver

    Darryl Silver

    Despite my lack of experience cultivating Lemon Tree Fem, it generated an incredible amount of fruit outdoors, each weighing about 500 grams on average. Under the scorching sun, and few plants can withstand it, yet this Lemon Tree has thrived in the scorching heat. Fresh lemons and diesel undertones stick into my tongue! I always feel at ease when I consume it.

  4. Avatar for Edward Flores

    Edward Flores

    Ten of the ten seeds in the packet germinated. During my first development with several strains, I discovered that this one was the most receptive to any training and rewarded me with extraordinary rapid growth. A strain that comes strongly recommended with its soothing and mood-enhancing effects. At the same time, it has a mix of lemon and pepper flavor that my friends and I love to smoke!

  5. Avatar for Wilbert Rodriguez

    Wilbert Rodriguez

    Amazing plant with high-quality yields!! Thick leaves with large buds offer pleasure. I did some trimming in few first weeks wen the leaves started to grow bushy and it yield very high. It’s the perfect buzz to make the day bright and at the same time very calm. Taste like pine, pungent, that combined with a citrusy scent. A perfect strain for relaxing and taking away all your worries.

  6. Avatar for Linda Carroll

    Linda Carroll

    I’ve been buying and using this strain for almost a year now and still, I can’t get over to the taste and aroma this strain has because it relaxes me a lot, and the high it gives me is very strong which I like the most. Also, growing this strain is not that easy cuz it needs a lot of pampering, however, the end result is just great cuz they yield it produces is larger than I expected

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