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Lemon OG Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Lemon OG Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain with high 24% THC. It is an energetric, euphoric, happy and uplifting strain which can instantly knock you out. Its big and dense lemon, sweet and citrus buds are aromatic and will help deal with stress, migraines, depression, anxiety, cramps, inflammation and insomnia.

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More About Lemon OG (fem)

The Ultimate Flavor of Lemon in a Strain

Lemon OG feminized is quite a new hybrid that is made available in the market, not over two decades. Its genetics is more associated with Indica and noticeably delivering balanced effects. With a level of THC that is around 16 to 22 percent, it can create a crushing high. Nonetheless, if taken in medium doses, the psychedelic effects are regulated by most users.

Lemon OG, being a cross between Amnesia Lemon and Star Kush, came out to be very influential. Its propagation is easy, and it does not impose complicated methods in maintenance. Many growers get higher confidence in growing this plant because of its robust structure. Its flowering period commonly takes around 8 to 9 weeks and produces abundant yields. After all the hard works and time rendered in raising this plant, growers will have the best time of their cultivation once they reap their crops.

4 reviews for Lemon OG Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for John Weaver

    John Weaver

    Lemon OG is a legend! Due to its balanced effects, I feel how the effects penetrate my body and mind. I can feel the potent kick of the high. Smoking it was very addictive since it has citrus and sweet flavors that blend well. Love growing this because its Resilient to common diseases and mildews, very basic to cultivate!

  2. Avatar for Marjori Hartnett

    Marjori Hartnett

    I always enjoy consuming this Lemon OG because of its sweet, lemon scent and I always take a lot of hits with this, thankfully it didn’t gave many adverse effects. Its effects give me happy and energetic vibes. Growing this was an easy deal with just the right care and nutrients given it grow strong and produces many buds.

  3. Avatar for Randy Cain

    Randy Cain

    A very great strain that is simple to grow. Lemon Garlic OG is a variety with a flavor that will not leave you indifferent; it emits a sweet, lemon scent when cured properly. I would also suggest this strain to someone searching for cannabis for medical usage since It can treat anxiety, cramps, inflammation and insomnia.

  4. Avatar for Louis Smith

    Louis Smith

    I developed Lemon OG Fem about months ago and was highly pleased with the final product. It’s potent and has a heavy odor, and has a pleasant citrus flavor and aroma with garlic traces. This strain produces a lot of dense, sticky buds and has a high yield. It’s straightforward to develop and maintain. It also does not necessitate a large number of feeds. You don’t want to miss out on this pressure. Whenever I consume it, I always feel so energized and uplifted.

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