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Lemon Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain with a very attractive appearance. It is a small plant at just 40 to 100 cm tall which can produce good yields. It comes with 17% THC which can give you a relaxed, uplifting and euphoric effect. You will fall for its earthy, lemon, citrus, pine, skunk, pepper and pungent flavors which lingers.

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More About Lemon Auto-flower

An ideal strain for beginners, the Lemon Auto-flower doesn’t provide head-buzzing high nor intricate knowledge about growing. Although it has a moderately high THC content of 17%, it still does give a punch, especially for beginners. It helps clear the mind with anxieties, stress, and depression while still allowing you to be productive.

As the name suggests, Lemon Auto provides some of the sweetest and intense citrus flavors you could find. Along with its high, you will be relaxed and renewed for much of the time you smoke this one, and as the high wears on, you will feel at peace and have a sense of well-being.

Growing this strain doesn’t require any special properties; all you have to do is grow this plant outdoors and provide a heavy dose of Sunlight and warm temperatures.

As one would say, this strain is plain and simple. No special needs but makes up for its very relaxing and mind-clearing high.


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