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Lemon Garlic Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Lemon Garlic Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain popular for its high THC and heavy yields. This is a tall plant growing up to 300 cm tall capable of producing up to 1000 grams per plant outdoors and up to 600 grams per square meter indoors. It flowers late up to 12 weeks but will produce large and dense pine and lemon-flavored buds.

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More About Lemon Garlic (fem)

The Friend during Troublesome Moments

The successful breeding of True OG, which took six generations, resulted in a sturdy and abundant-yielding Indica-dominant plant –that is, the Lemon Garlic feminized. This strain can immensely please the smoker with its very liberated body-centered effect, and just as expected, the cannabis strain tastes like garlic and lemon.

Moreover, with its forgiving nature in terms of minor mistakes, Lemon Garlic feminized also makes an excellent strain for cultivation by the beginners. It is highly resistant to Botrytis. It also develops physically with plenty of spaces between the leaves so it would be pleasant for the circulation of air. If nurtured indoor, the flowering time consumes 10 to 11 weeks. After then, an abundant yield follows, which is around 375 to 525 grams per square meter.

If grown outdoors, the plant can grow with height as much as 3 to 5 meters. Its potential yield can reach up to 3 kilos.

3 reviews for Lemon Garlic Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Christopher Allen

    Christopher Allen

    Lemon Garlic fem is a beautiful strain with a clove of garlic, lemon flavor that is very enticing, and its relaxing body effects. This strain also helped me combat my depression and anxiety for a long time now. It grows really well and strong outdoor and generates massive buds on the harvest. I highly suggest growing this plant outdoors.

  2. Avatar for Terrell Burton

    Terrell Burton

    One of the best for tastes and herbal smoking, I’d say I’ve had this plant for a year, and I still want to grow this for more; I’ve already harvested it twice. I love Lemon Garlic Fem; It gives me the energy to be physically and mentally active. Best for daytime use!

  3. Avatar for Jim Cook

    Jim Cook

    I was in shock when I smoked Lemon Garlic strain. My aching muscles and joints suddenly disappeared! I also noticed that I have no epileptic episodes this week. I grew my plant medium-sized plant with a good fragrance that includes traces of garlic, orange, and pine that I enjoy smoking.

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