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Legend OG Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Legend OG Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain that comes with very high THC levels at 22%. It is a small plant capable of producing good yields flowering in just 8 to 10 weeks. You’ll love its large buds with earthy, diesel, pine and lavender flavors. Also, it’s a euphoric, relaxing and uplifting strain ideal for pain, depression, anxiety and stress.

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More About Legend OG (fem)

The Legendary Plant

No one can question the popularity of OG Kush in the United States. It led to many descendants that also received recognition worldwide. One of the siblings managed to keep its influence in the cannabis world, and that is the Legend OG. Its name may seem bizarre.

Nevertheless, this strain has distinct characteristics that would devour many elite cannabis strains. It creates a mild euphoric cerebral high at the start of the session. Nonetheless, the objective of consuming this plant is not to become hyperactive but for a cognitive stimulation that can still usher calmness.

Legend OG feminized traces the pattern of growth of OG Kush. It is small but tight that it can even thrive in small spaces. The plant kept the typical odor of Kush that is outstanding in the line of OG Kush. Nonetheless, it is also because of this detail that Legend OG diverged with the smells of lavender and gasoline infusing into piney and earthy fusion.

4 reviews for Legend OG Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Douglas Gonzalez

    Douglas Gonzalez

    Legend OG Fem is a champ! I could smell the buds of almost any room in the house when I opened one of the containers, and it’s still the most awesome strain I’ve ever developed! Legend OG Fem thrives and yields well. The buds were visually beautiful after a few weeks of curing. This strain delivers calming effects which help me with my stress and depression.

  2. Avatar for Graham Chandler

    Graham Chandler

    This variety has been a blast to grow! I just popped one of these, and it was above ground in less than three days! It brings a deep and relaxing but yet functional indica high. Its high THC level stimulates my hormones, making me happier and calm. Effectively it took my muscle pain and back pain instantly!

  3. Avatar for Sylvester Harmon

    Sylvester Harmon

    What can I say? Thanks to Legend OG, I enjoyed how it drives me to an exhausted, relaxing, and psychedelic feeling. Its smoke smells like pungent fresh citrus that blended well with pinecones. As a veteran smoker, it has all the qualities that I’ve been looking for. I vigorously thrive excellently outdoors!!

  4. Avatar for Jack Cash

    Jack Cash

    BLAST!! Legend OG fem has blasting flavors that taste earthy, woodsy, and piney all at once as it hits my taste buds. The smoke has the sweet and sour taste of a citrusy splash as it falls on my lips, making this herb even more appealing to me. I was also fascinated due to its ability to eradicate my Insomnia, Migraines, and Stress

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