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Grapefruit Regular Marijuana Seeds



Grapefruit Marijuana Seeds is a mostly-sativa strain that has very high THC at 23 percent. You can expect creative, energetic, focused, euphoric, happy and uplifted. It can grow buds in just 8 to 10 weeks with earthy, grape, lemon, grapefruit and citrus flavors. You can use this delicious strain to deal with pain, fatigue, anxiety, migraines, and stress.

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More About Grapefruit (Regular)

This sativa dominant strain, Grapefruit, is a regular seed and was created in the year 1998, from a clone of C99 strain paired with Thai Sativa, mixed with an unknown autoflowering strain for the enhancement of its flowering period. Therefore, the Grapefruit has been around for almost twenty years already and still continues to provide its benefits and potent effects to every grower and consumer.

In today’s time, Grapefruit has been sold with lineage from Ferry and selected two strains with powerful terpenoids and medium in height. It contains a quick flowering period with large amounts of yield. Over the years, the genetic variation of the strain has attained stabilization, which now transpires to its current prominent status. Sought after due to its highly praised grapefruit and pineapple flavors, with additional kicks of high both on mind and body.

Growing the strain is extremely easy and suggested for novice growers to have in their gardens. When they crowd the indoor or outdoor gardens, they become susceptible to molds. However, sensitivity to alterations in humidity and airflow is relatively elevated.


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