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Grapefruit Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Grapefruit Marijuana Seeds is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain with very potent THC at 23 percent. This strain can produce good yields despite its small 50 to 60 cm height. It is an energetic strain that will help you focus, relax and sleep. It is effective for anxiety, depression, insomnia, migraines, stress and fatigue.

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More About Grapefruit (fem)

A Strain Bursting with Flavor

There are different versions about the origin of Grapefruit feminized. A lot of the connoisseurs believe that this strain came from Cinderella 99. But despite the contradicting beliefs of smokers, everyone would concede about its flavor. It carries uniquely organoleptic features which attract the rookies and the confirmed aficionados. The plant blossoms with a very durable stem and minimal side-branching with medium-size leaves. This formation would work well with the SoG set-up in which the yield is being maximized.

The main bud becomes bulky and is vividly speckled with pistils colored in orange. It can grow indoors with a flowering phase of 55 to 60 days while those grown outdoors, as long as the climate is appropriate, will be ready in the early period of October. Growers will be inspired by its potential yield that ranges from 350 to 450 grams per square meter.

2 reviews for Grapefruit Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Marisa Rainbolt

    Marisa Rainbolt

    I’ve been blown away by how well it’s doing and improving its yields and performance after weeks of her growing her. Her effects is a bit quicker, which is good for my depression and fatigue after a long day at work. A sweet taste that makes me feel like I’m stuck in a chair. Flowers with a stunning paint palette that never fails to captivate me. I don’t know what else to suggest but that this is just incredible!

  2. Avatar for Kenneth Torres

    Kenneth Torres

    Very potent strain! Her effects can take away all my worries and makes me relaxed, her sweet and berry taste also make me want more puff. This crop also flowers bloom with a strong stem and few side branches, as well as average leaves. I will sure recommend this tasty strain to my friends.

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