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Grape Killer 99 Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Grape Killer 99 Marijuana Seeds is a hybrid cannabis strain with a balanced effect. It flowers fast in just 8 to 10 weeks to give you berry, citrus, earthy, grape, sweet and spicy flavored buds. It is also a therapeutic strain capable of easing pain, stress, anxiety, depression, inflammation and migraines.

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More About Grape Killer 99 (Feminized)

With a lovely physical representation and well-rounded effects, Grape Killer 99 is a seed strain with exceedingly perfect crafted features. With its feminized version, opting to grow it is straight forward. Not only that, it is incorporated with high dependability, but its versatility is another factor. Suitable for an indoor and outdoor growing environment, this variant can thrive against environmental challenges so long as given inclusive care. Besides, it can comparatively finish its flowering phase in a short period of time.

Given its growing ease, its impression would be a great advantage. With its extensive therapeutic properties, not only that it is a good recreational variety, but it is also valuable due to its medicinal worth. It can offer a very stimulating feeling with a touch of focus. Its beautiful and enticing purple hue followed by great loads of trichomes makes it an overall wonderful seed strain with improved structural growth and influence.

2 reviews for Grape Killer 99 Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Roy Poirier

    Roy Poirier

    As a marijuana enthusiast, I like the qualities that it posses. When it comes to effects, it boosts my energy and self-confidence. It has strong notes of grapes and apples that blend very well with different fruits. When it comes to bud quality, It has very resinous buds and vibrant green leaves. Grape Killer 99 will be my personal choice.

  2. Avatar for Eric Nieves

    Eric Nieves

    Very soothing and stimulating strain, I usually consume this to make me more focused on my work and it also helps me with my migraine and inflammation at times. Also a very delicious strain that tastes like citrus and berry. It took me 10 weeks to harvest massive products from this strain, she’s also has a very colorful flowers.

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