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G13 Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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G13 Marijuana Seeds is an indica-leaning strain known for its high THC levels at 23 and an unknown lineage. Experts believe that it may have originated from recreational and medicinal strains as it can be used to deal with migraines, depression, arthritis, anxiety, and stress. It is a relaxing strain that will improve your focus.

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More About G13 (fem)

Formulated for Complete Power

G13 is concealed with mystery. There were rumors that the FBI, CIA, and other government agencies worked together to collect the top-class strains from all over the world, and it was then formulated as a super hybrid.  There is no confirmation about this story, however, being an Indica-dominant hybrid, G13 feminized is surely loaded with a kick – offering a soothing, pleasant high that can do spectacles to medicinal patients who are searching for aid for pain, insomnia, stress, depression, and the lack of appetite. It has a THC content that ranges from 17 to 19 percent.

Compared to other strains, G13 is quite complicated to cultivate. If growers adopt a hydroponic environment, the plant will grow into medium-size and produce large and bulky buds, which will be ready for harvest after finishing a flowering period that normally lasts for 10 to 12 weeks.

6 reviews for G13 Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for M. Rowland

    M. Rowland

    Amazing experienced growing and smoking this strain. The grow resulted a decent harvest. The unique smell and taste that surely everybody will enjoy. The looks was the best buds i have grown so dense frosty. Potent smoke. High was very enjoyable calming on the come down wiping out my depression and strain.This kind of weed that you will not let you down. I recommend.

  2. Avatar for J. McPherson

    J. McPherson

    Excellent strain. Packs a punch. I just love growing her because of her easy cultivation. Always rewarded me with a very good looking Sticky dense buds.The smell and taste and effects are off the chart. Potent smoke. Amazing high relaxing and calming body numbing just enough for me to enjoy. Best high ever experienced. Very good in fighting your stress and pains. Absolutely a nighttime smoke. Recommended to all.

  3. Avatar for E. Aumiller

    E. Aumiller

    The grow went as expected and never let me down.Refreshing and Strong smell very nice buds.Has an earthy flavors. Potent smoke. Delivers a long lasting body high that relieves my pain. Perfect weed vibing with friends.Definitely growing again on my next run.

  4. Avatar for L. Main

    L. Main

    Wonderful bud. Definitely a must have. An easy to grow plant. dense big sticky nuggets. I used to smoke it during nightime. Smooth smoke no coughing. I super love the buzz and the relaxing and calming which eases all my pain and fatigue. Absolutely recommended.

  5. Avatar for J. Beverly

    J. Beverly

    I had tried this strain for a very long time. This time I’m growing her again. Got nice yields big buds smells earthy and woody. Lovable taste. A unique high clearheaded and energetic. nice calm down. all my stress and pain melted. I would recommend this to all to check this out!

  6. Avatar for Paul Daviau

    Paul Daviau

    Everything was delivered super fast and the packaging was nicely labeled. This plant did not have too much odor during cultivation but once harvested and dried, it’s name really reveals a very citrusy taste and a very pleasant smell. This weed gives a good high, a great reliable cannabis. Highly recommend!

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