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Trainwreck Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Trainwreck Marijuana Seeds is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain with very tight buds. It comes with very steep THC content at 25%, and this makes this strain calming, energetic, relaxing, and uplifting. You can use this strain to deal with medical conditions like fatigue, pain, and nausea. It can also work with anxiety, depression, and stress.

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More About Trainwreck (fem)

Wonderful Potent Sativa

The breeder combined Afghani with strains originating in Thailand and Mexico to come up with a beautiful strain they named Trainwreck. It’s another hybrid feminized strain that deserves a space in your garden.

Proven with remarkable psychoactive and therapeutic properties and 14-19% THC, Trainwreck is a good daytime smoke for recreational and medicinal use. It delivers a spicy, piney aroma with hints of the delicious sweet lemon. While your taste buds enjoy those savory notes, the intense sativa high will come by as soon as expected. You’ll get a boost on your energy, creativity, and mental concentration that makes you more productive throughout the day.

Growing Trainwreck turns out a rewarding experience, even for novices. It stays manageable and resistant to common diseases and problems. It can grow outdoors and indoors. Decent yields come along after eight weeks, which is pretty amazing for a sativa strain.

1 review for Trainwreck Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Ray W.

    Ray W.

    As a sativa dominant strain, I was shocked that I was able to harvest her heavy yield in just 8 weeks (quicker than usual). I have maintained a warm environment for her since I grew her indoors and she dislikes the cold. Her spicy and piney aroma has also never failed to make my mouth water. Anyway, she’s great for alleviating fatigue after working out. She is also my go-to strain when I want to relieve my stress. I’d recommend this strain even to the beginners because it is easy to grow and delicious to smoke.

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