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Chocolate Chunk Feminized Marijuana Seeds

(9 customer reviews)


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If you want to grow Chocolate Chunk marijuana, then buy cheap Chocolate Chunk feminized cannabis seeds from Canada and have them shipped right to your doorsteps. Canada has one of the best mail systems in the world thus your order will arrive to its destination quicker than the other companies in the world.

We have been helping a lot of our customers to buy some high quality marijuana seeds in Canada. We only stock the best marijuana seeds for you to grow. Should you have any questions, please let us know.

Seeds Amount PriceQuantity
5 Seeds $65.00
10 Seeds $120.00
25 Seeds $240.00


If you want to grow something totally unique, then buy Chocolate Chunk feminized cannabis seeds, and have them shipped right to your doorstep. We only stock the best cannabis seeds, and we ship from Canada’s West coast. We have helped customers from all over the world buy high quality marijuana seeds in Canada. We have one of the best mail delivery systems in the world; your order will arrive quickly and safely. Should you have any questions, please let us know.


Variety: 60% Sativa/40% Indica
Flowering Time: 8-10 weeks
THC/CBD Content: 20% THC/0.4% CBD
Effect: Euphoric, happy, and relaxed
Yield Indoors: up to 500g
Yield Outdoors: 70-140g

Growing: Preferably indoors

Bred mainly for old-school Kush fans, the Chocolate Chunk is sure to please anyone who craves for a pungent sativa smoke. Though she is a hybrid, she leans more towards the sativa side. Despite that, she’s incredibly good at indoor cultivation.

Effects and Uses

The Chocolate Chunk carries a strong sativa side. The cerebral buzz doesn’t take more time to come by. Just a few tokes are enough to notice and experience that stimulating cerebral high. When the time comes, you will enjoy a mix of feelings that begin with something euphoric, blissful, and uplifting. You will notice a relaxing and slightly sedating sensation only in the end.

Chocolate Chunk may also make you giggly while experiencing an unexplainable mental boost. Take advantage of the moment by doing your most important tasks at home or work. She’s best to use in getting rid of stress, anxiety, and sadness.

Aroma/Flavor Profile and Growing Info

Her resinous buds exude kushy flavors mixed with earthy and herbal notes. Chocolate Chunk can grow indoors or outdoors, but she will be happier if you keep her inside a cabinet or just about anywhere indoors. Good gardening skills are necessary to succeed in keeping her happy and healthy.

9 reviews for Chocolate Chunk Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Searlas Gour

    It was very resistant to everything there were no issues with nutrient lacks or nutrient consumes in my grow and learned a lot with this experience. Very heavy stoned effects and a pleasant relaxing experience. I would recommend this strain to anybody that needs a reasonable and simple strain to grow.

  2. James Mills

    Awesome variety! Great bud structure, decent yields and a nice smooth smoke. A must try for everyone wanting a smooth smoked.

  3. Davet Roux

    I was always intrigued by this strain of its unique smell and also for its buds, I love it! It is easy to grow even if the yield is average and irregular. The flowering is also super fast, however it smells a lot. The high shows very quickly but it’s still manageable. Love dealing with Beaver Seeds. Keep up the good work!

  4. Royce Achin

    Wow! This plant is vigorous in growth and looks very healthy. Fast, shipping and stealth packaging are awesome!

  5. William Daigneault

    Excellent choice made with this plant, it was a bit hard to keep it low but with a few small tricks you can do everything. Excellent yield and a very good aroma, to smell the chocolate you must have a great nose, but the smell is something truly delicious, perfect to smoke during the day due to its high percentage of sativa.

  6. Georges Chastain

    I really liked growing chocolate chunk. The smell and taste of the buds is very good. I will order it again!

  7. Nouel Trottier

    I have planted five of these seeds without any experience and I have not cared much more than adding water and some other fertilizer and in a simple pot I obtained 120 grams per plant of incredible quality with a cerebral high and a magnificent effects. I am happy I gave it a go!

  8. Maurice Sylvain

    Nice looking pant easy to grow for beginners for the moment the smell appears slowly but the chocolate note is already present. Amazing!!!

  9. Jacques Chastain

    Love how fast everything shipped to my place. It’s an easy grow with a lot of potential for a heavy yield if you do it just right. It was a great purchase overall. Great buy and fast delivery!

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