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Blue Haze Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Blue Haze Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain known for its heavy yields. It is a strain with high THC at 22% and flowers faster at just 8 to 10 weeks. This strain can make you feel energetic, relaxed, focused, and uplifted. It can help treat conditions like arthritis, anxiety, insomnia, migraines, stress, and inflammation.

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More About Blue Haze (fem)

An Astounding Strain Filled with Blueberry Funk

Originated from a prominent pedigree, Blue Haze feminized marijuana seeds have winning features and effects. It creates a mentally invigorating and uplifting high. Exhibiting a pure cerebral pleasure, its THC content of 15 to 21 percent guarantees a towering high. It also possesses the genetics that guarantees a suave and soothing ride throughout.

Although it is quite complicated to cultivate Blue Haze feminized marijuana seeds because of its leggy charm, growers know that the plant is worth all the efforts. It grows slim, but with large colas, thus, cultivators should create support once the blooming phase arrives.

The plant prospers well indoors. Because of its sensitive nature, a lot of cultivators opt to raise it indoors where temperature and humidity can be controlled. With constant supervision and plenty of TLC, the plant will flower for 9 to 10 weeks. And when all things go well, the plant can produce a yield of 450 to 600 grams for every square meter.

10 reviews for Blue Haze Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for R. Maynard

    R. Maynard

    Really easy grows.A friendly grower plant. The buds are dark purple and dense.It’s dank tasty wonderful. A smooth smoke and a long lasting high uplifting and relaxing effect.This bud is amazing. Highly suggest you try it

  2. Avatar for M. Williams

    M. Williams

    Perfect for any hybrid lover.Taste great all the time! Easy to grow plant. The buds are gorgeous and the smell is sensational. This strain is almost all head and very little body. A good hanging out with friends weed. Best weed to combat your stress and anxiety. Highly recommended.

  3. Avatar for J. Bacon

    J. Bacon

    Amazing strain.I don’t have any issue during the her entire growcycle. Shes pretty easy to cultvate. Dark purple buds with hints of orange and green. Incredible taste and aroma. It’s smooth smoking! The high was very euphoric, and relaxing. It keeps your head pretty clear too. All my stress and pain melts away. Absolutely recommended.

  4. Avatar for K. Ellison

    K. Ellison

    Excellent strain. A hassle free plant. Easy to cultivate. Very forgiving plant. Dark purple buds.great smelling and tasting bud.Very gentle high perfect for daytime use. Clear minded while being very uplifting and social. I would recommend to all.

  5. Avatar for M. Hester

    M. Hester

    The happiest strain I’ve ever come across.I grew the plant vigorously without blockages or any kind of stress. Completely covered in crystals and a nice smooth taste.Happy high keeps me very happy and motivated throughout my day. Pretty easy to cultivate. Definitely growing her again.

  6. Avatar for J. Khan

    J. Khan

    Suitable for indoor and outdoor growing conditions. Easy to cultivate. Dark purple buds. Smells so deliciously good. It’s super pungent, a deep earthy smell. Great high uplift and enlighten the spirit. Best high i have experienced. Really a good tool in melting your stress and pain.

  7. Avatar for J. Hooks

    J. Hooks

    Wonderful strain.Pretty easy to cultivate.Stunning to look at as it’s absolutely covered in sugary looking crystals. Wonderful smell and taste.The high is a nice balance of uplifting effects with no paranoia and a hint of muscle relaxation. Happy to grow this strain i had fun an experienced. Definitely recommended.

  8. Avatar for M. Copas

    M. Copas

    I’ve been growing this strain outside in my garden for 2years, it has never let me down. Dark purple buds.Earthy flavors.Complemented with sweet hints of berries and cherries. Great high. Hits you quickly with a mellow heavy body buzz, a mood booster it relaxes the body a lot. Best strain to recommend.

  9. Avatar for W. Farrow

    W. Farrow

    I would love to always have a regular stock of this. Easy to grow plant. Dense buds. Incredible taste and aroma. It’s smooth smoking!Very energetic and nice high. Wonderful with friends. A truly premier sativa dominant strain. Recommending to all.

  10. Avatar for E. Daniels

    E. Daniels

    I grew this myself and a hassle free plant.She is easy to grow. Fantastic strain. By the looks taste and smell blew me away.Very uplifting buzz that will induce a sense of creativity. I’m Very impressed.

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