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Blood Orange Kush Feminized Marijuana Seeds



Blood Orange Kush feminized marijuana is a strain that pleases its users for the many beautiful properties, effects and characteristics that it possesses. It offers delectable scents and flavors that entertain the sense of taste and smell of its users. A sweet combination of sweetness and citrusy flavors are accentuated by its spiciness. This is the strain for those whose palates are used to fruity and sweet flavors. It also welcomes other cannabis fans who want to try out some tropical adventures in their smoking experience. 

Aside from this flavorful experience, this strain is also not short of the great and enjoyable effects that it offers to its users. It is known for its creative cerebral high that is just perfect for those in the art industry. It gives an energy buzz that will keep its users productive throughout the day. This strain is loved not just by cannabis users, but also by cannabis growers because of its resilience that makes it capable of both indoor and outdoor cultivation.

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Blood Orange Kush (fem) Strain Specifications

Type: unknown
Genetics Parents: unknown
Flowering Period: 9 to 10 weeks
Climate: unknown
Yield: high
Flavors: sweet, citrus, lemon, spicy
THC Level: unknown
CBD Level: unknown
Height: unknown
Harvest Period: mid October
Growing Difficulty: unknown

What are the Flavor and Effects of Blood Orange Kush (fem)

Blood Orange Kush feminized marijuana is one high quality strain. It has so much to offer to its users. Among these is its colorful flavor profile. Users commend the unique sweet scents that this strain exudes. Notes of citrus and lemons playfully entertain the nostrils which will surely leave those who have caught the smell salivating. Smoking this strain gives off the same flavors, now with a kick of spiciness that can linger in the tongue after the exhale. Smoking this strain is a delectable experience for cannabis fans who love sweets and fruits. 

Users have also said many good things about the high that smoking this strain brings. The cerebral buzz rushes from the back of the head and runs through the surrounding of the eyes. This brings about psychedelic effects that can make the user feel spacy. Users must be ready to experience some out of this world time dilations and image distortions as the senses are amplified and the surroundings are intensified. This same high also induces focus and creativity which is very beneficial for users who are into the art industry. These effects are also a great help when engaging in activities that require analytical thinking like brainstorming for ideas or problem solving. 

With the appealing and inviting flavors and scents of this strain, plus the adventurous and beneficial effects that using it brings, cannabis fans can never go wrong with it. Users are even left coming back for extra doses. 

What are the Medical Benefits of Blood Orange Kush (fem)

Blood Orange Kush feminized marijuana is not just loved by recreational users. Medical users who have decided to turn to purely organic alternatives for their over-the-counter synthetic prescription drugs also love the therapeutic properties that this strain promises. For one, its relaxing effects to the body are reported to provide relief from various bodily aches and pains. Medical users suffering from muscle spasms, muscle cramps and overall fatigue find refuge in the pain-relieving properties of this strain. So, instead of taking synthetic drugs that can possibly lead to different sorts of unwanted side effects, many medical users choose to benefit from this strain and end up finding it enjoyable as well. 

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Blood Orange Kush (fem)

It is important to remember that Blood Orange Kush feminized marijuana can also possibly result in some adverse effects just like all the other marijuana strains do. Users need to watch out for the possibility of having dry eyes and dry mouth because of the significant fluid loss that this strain can lead to. Hence, it is advisable to drink lots of water in order to mitigate the discomfort from these unwanted conditions. However, if the consumption is merely moderate and not excessive, then users need not worry about any of these negative side effects at all.

How to Grow Blood Orange Kush (fem)

Cannabis growers love growing Blood Orange Kush feminized seeds because of its ability to thrive in both indoor and outdoor environments. When growing indoors, growers can expect to harvest the plants after 9 to 10 weeks. Meanwhile, when growing outdoors, growers can expect the plants to produce yields by mid October.


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