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Devil XXL Marijuana Seeds is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain with high THC at 20% and fast flowering times. It is a potent strain giving you an energetic, euphoric, focused, relaxed, and uplifted high. It is, therefore, effective for the relief of pain, stress, anxiety, arthritis, muscle spasms, depression, and fatigue.

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More About Devil XXL Autoflower

A name that starts with Devil should be associated with some sinister intentions, and the Devil XXL Auto has some effects to show for it too. Most auto-flowering strains are Indica dominant, but this time it is a Sativa dominant one. Only a few Sativa dominant auto-flowering strains provide medicinal benefits while still maintaining high-quality growing features.

The Devil XXL Auto has great calming properties that leave your worries behind for users who battles with depression and stress. This Sativa dominant strain also possesses some THC packed with crushes any form of anxiety and provides a sense of well-being to its consumers.

From its Jack Herer parent, a very popular strain that has angelic powers of treating various conditions, you could expect this strain thrives medically too. It offers a lot of mental effects, as stated. Its effects are not one to scoff at too, it often starts with a rush in the head and down the whole body that injects the users some of the best energizing quality that brings positive vibes and joyful thoughts.

Growing this strain may take an ample amount of attention, but not as much. Although quite stretchy, it thrives in small pots and doesn’t take too much space. It leaves a lasting impression to growers thanks to its ruderalis genes, growing this strain was never this fun. Expect yields that could lift your spirits up for days. Overall, great strain for everyone to be used.

1 review for Devil XXL Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

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    Eustache Arnoux

    First purchase from Beaver Seeds Excellent product, all seeds germinated. rapid delivery The seeds germinated after 2 days with the plate and paper towel technique. They grow vigorously in their pots. Very happy!

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