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The Crown Royale Feminized is an indica-dominant hybrid between Blueberry and Purple Kush. It has a whopping 21.50% THC level and 2.10% CBD level capable of producing an intense mind high that induces energy, creativity, and positivity. After a while, a deeply sedating relaxation overwhelms the whole body. It has a pleasing citrus and pine flavor mixed with a flowery, spicy, and dank aftertaste. This strain is a perfect smoke for chill social gatherings with friends.

The Crown Royale Feminized strain grows into a short, bushy plant with dark green, dense buds wrapped in thick layers of white resin. The plants are capable of growing indoors and outdoors and can be simply grown by novice cultivators to yield as much as 400-500g of harvest in just 8-9 weeks.

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Crown Royale Feminized Cannabis Strain Specifications

Type: Indica-dominant
Genetics Parents: Blueberry x Purple Kush
Flowering Period: 8-9 weeks
Climate: Temperature, Continental, Sunny, Mediterranean
Yield: 500g/m2 indoors / 400g per plant outdoors
Flavors: Dank, Citrus, Spicy, Flowery, Pine
THC Level: 21.50%
CBD Level: 2.10%
Height: Average
Harvest Period: October
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavor and Effects of Crown Royale Feminized Cannabis Strain?

The Crown Royale Feminized strain has mindblowing mixed flavors of spice, citrus, dank, flower, and pine. The Crown Royale Feminized strain roller-coster begins with a strong cerebral euphoria that will instantly make its consumers feel happy, motivated, and hyped to accomplish mundane tasks. As the high simmers, a deep relaxing bliss takes over that will soothe the muscles and nerves from head to toe. 

What are the Medical Benefits of Crown Royale Feminized Cannabis Strain?

The Crown Royale Feminized strain offers numerous medical advantages. For example, because of this strain’s indica characteristics, patients with pains such as chronic pain, migraine, joint aches, glaucoma, muscle spasms, cramps, and the like will find relief after a few tokes. Patients with insomnia will also finally get the sleep that they need after consuming enough amounts of this strain. Because of this strain’s sativa properties, patients with PTSD, bipolar disorder, stress, and depression will feel uplifted, joyful, and energized after a few hits. Moreover, this strain induces hunger while minimizing nausea which works perfectly for patients undergoing chemotherapy.  

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Crown Royale Feminized Cannabis Strain

Smoking high amounts of the Crown Royale Feminized strain can lead to increased anxiety, dizziness, paranoia, and blackouts because of its overwhelming sativa and indica effects. First-time users and low-tolerant smokers are advised to consume this strain in moderation. Otherwise, consumers can expect to experience cottonmouth and dry eyes after a good smoke session. Enough consumption of liquids and application of eye drops can help resolve these negative effects. 

How to Grow Crown Royale Feminized Cannabis Strain 

The Crown Royale Feminized strain grows into a small, bushy herb with compact, heavy buds covered in thick layers of white trichomes. The plants can easily be grown indoors and outdoors to produce as much as 400-500g of yield in just 8-9 weeks.

Growing indoors, these plants can produce as much as 500g/m2 of yield in just 9 weeks. Achieve this amount of harvest by placing the plants in a controlled room with an optimal light source, humidity, and temperature levels. The Sea of Green technique can be used to further enhance the bud production of the plants. The Screen of Green method can also be applied if you want to encourage horizontal growth of your plants.

Growing outdoors, these herbs can produce as much as 400g per plant upon harvest when placed in a dry, hot place with a copious amount of sunlight. Let the plants grow on their own and they will thank you by yielding top-quality harvest. If the plants grow out of control, simply top or prune the hedges to manage them. 


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