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Critical + 2.0 Autoflower Marijuana Seeds



Critical + 2.0 Marijuana Seeds is a balanced hybrid cannabis strain popular for its citrusy aroma and high THC. It has 18% THC and minimal CBD; therefore, you can expect euphoric, creative, relaxed, and uplifting effects. You’ll grow lovely small buds with flowery, pungent, pine, sweet, tropical, and lemony flavors.

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More About Critical + 2.0 Auto-flower

Growing marijuana strain, for the most part, requires proper attention and skills, and some marijuana just doesn’t quite have the resistance to battle against molds and pests. It takes a toll on growers to fully harvest the strain when that specific strain is susceptible to almost all diseases. That’s why the Critical + 2.0 Autoflower was made, it answers to all the questions the growers need.

Critical + 2.0 Auto-flower’s potential lies in its great resistance and very easy to grow. In addition to its great attributes, it made further improvements once a ruderalis gene was added. With that out of the question, its stimulating high isn’t one to scoff at too. It provides a great deal of relaxation and calms that users often use this strain to start their afternoon.

The strain’s flavor is reminiscent of tropical citrus fruits and a hint of Skunk on the out smoke that will spark a mellow yet strong body high.

Ideally, this strain should be grown outdoors, as evidenced by the massive yields it brings to the growers. It is very easy to grown and can be recommended to newbie growers or even seasoned growers.


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