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Cream Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

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Cream Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain with average THC content. This hybrid is a small plant growing only up to 100 cm but will produce good yields up to 200 grams per plant outdoors and up to 400 grams per square meter indoors. Come flowering time; you’ll get lovely dense buds with earthy, sweet, vanilla, and woody flavors.

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More About Cream Autoflower

Tired of being haggard and stressed out throughout the day? Have some Cream Auto to start your day to provide some added boost of energy that will easily lift your worries and stresses instantly. It also gives users a feeling of focus that will result in a positive mindset. The Cream Auto is an Indica dominant strain that is famous for its overwhelming effects.

Its effects are often good for people having a hard time during the day and need to have a mental break as this strain enhances the mood and injects some motivation. However, if this strain is taken in high doses, you might find yourself glued to your bed or couch for hours. So, it is best to have it in moderation. Depending on how you use it, it can be used at any time of the day.

Aside from Cream Auto’s good effects, it also has treating abilities for people suffering from Glaucoma as it removes any signs of eye-pressure in the process. Most of its treating abilities are associated with the mind for its intense stress-relieving ability.

Growing this strain should be a breeze for most, as it can thrive in both environments, whether indoors or outdoor cultivated. Nonetheless, this strain provides large yields that will leave a lasting impression in your face and for the days to come!

3 reviews for Cream Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Gregory Goss

    Gregory Goss

    Cream Autoflowering is my choice of strain out of all the fantastic ones available! It has different tasty flavors like earthy, sweet, and wood. After I smoked it, it hits me slowly, so even if you’re relaxing at home, you’ll have a good time. I also use it as an escape from my stressful and depressive life. Excellent weed!

  2. Avatar for Mich Kelly

    Mich Kelly

    Cream Auto is one of my all-time favorite weeds; it has the tropical vibes you crave as well as the relaxing and positive feeling! It’s a great strain to grow in my backyard because of its vanilla scent and appearance, deep green with bright yellow pistils. I’m happy to smoke this weed at any time of day!

  3. Avatar for Ronald Pagan

    Ronald Pagan

    The seedlings remained short and manageable. The primary trunk was thick and stout for both. Each of the branches is also very stout. The divisions didn’t need any help and kept big buds that were fine. It is really soothing and quick to develop. Nice scent and taste and with tension and depression, it helps a lot. Nice for smoking, dinner or hiking, and it always puts me in a happy condition, and also makes me very calm and satisfied. I’m very glad I found these these seeds, def will get some seeds for the holidays.

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