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Cinderella99 Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Cinderella99 Marijuana Seeds is a stunning sativa-dominant strain with very high THC and faster flowering times. You’ll get buds with 20% making it energetic, happy, uplifting, and relaxed strain. You can use this for the relief of conditions like migraines, depression, stress, arthritis, anxiety, and many more. When these buds ripen, you’ll get an apple, earthy, sweet, citrus, and pine flavors.

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More About Cinderella99 (fem)

A Giant Strain with a Gigantic THC

Cinderella99 is also called by the name Cindy or C99. With its kind of whimsical but blissful high, users can be brought to an enchanting world. Although it may appear exquisitely beautiful, it is stuffed with a powerful hit by easing off gullible users into a distorted sense of protection. It normally uses its sweet moment before declaring its presence.

Cinderella99 feminized has a unique ability to be Sativa-dominant but exhibits a growth structure of an Indica. Its height does not go over 100 centimeters and likely to create various lateral branching. It is considered to be an ideal strain for beginners because of its resistance to pests, molds, mildews, and diseases.

With its short height, Cinderella99 becomes ideal for indoors. The flowering phase only lasts for 7 to 9 weeks. Come harvest time; the plant can offer a yield as high as 450 grams for every square meter.

2 reviews for Cinderella99 Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Rocco Lower

    Rocco Lower

    WOW! The is a super delicious apple, sweet, pine, and citrus taste. and I love how it can help alleviate my migraines, anxiety, and stress and make me happy, energetic, and relaxed all the time. It is an ideal strain for me for being pests, molds, and mildews resistance, its relly fun growing this indoors and genertes high yields just in time of my harvest.

  2. Avatar for Amanda Honeycutt

    Amanda Honeycutt

    What a tasty strain; sweet, piney, and citrusy taste and paired with a happy and uplifting feeling, a perfect combination that you can get from this strain. This could also alleviate stress and anxiety. An ideal plant to grown indoor due to its mold and pest resistance. She doesn’t really grow tall, but her yields are very satisfying. I will surely buy this again.

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