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Kush Marijuana Seeds are very potent, landrace strain that hails from the Hindu Kush mountain regions of Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan. It is a very powerful and stable marijuana strain that can give you a very relaxing effect. It’s easy to grow and loves warm, sunny, and dry growing environments.

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More About CBD Kush (1:1)

A prominent mixture of OG Kush and a CBD rich strain, the offspring offers a great characteristic feature of its heritage, while offering a CBD to THC ratio of 1:1. The CBD Kush is dominated by sativa variety and exhibits powerful and potent therapeutic remedy to various health concerns involving body, mind, and mood.

It likewise generates relaxing high with no indication of spacey and impaired senses, allowing individuals to fully function accordingly without drowning into any psychoactive hallucinations.

With the powerful side of the indica contribution as well, the strain displays a favorable growth pattern throughout the germination cycle. Despite having to be highly adaptable to various growing settings, growers may encounter mold cases yet easily managed by beginner growers’ capabilities. Expect to generate an enormous amount of harvest ranging from 500 to 900 grams, both from indoor and outdoor locations within sixty days for the flowering period finishes off.


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