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The CB Dream Feminized is an indica-dominant strain between Blue Dream and Original Kush. It produces a mood-boosting and relaxing effect that will give you a focused and clear-headed high before a tranquilizing mind and body experience takes over. This strain has a sweet and citrus flavor with a piney aftertaste packed with a CBD and THC level of 6.0% each.

The CB Dream Feminized strain grows into an average-sized plant with elongated green leaves, chunky buds, and orange hairs covered in sugary trichomes. The plants are simple to grow indoors and outdoors to produce about 400g of yield in just 7-8 weeks.

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CB Dream Feminized Cannabis Strain Specifications

Type: Indica-dominant
Genetics Parents: Blue Dream x Original Kush
Flowering Period: 7-8 weeks
Climate: Temperature, Continental, Sunny, Mediterranean
Yield: 400g indoors and outdoors
Flavors: Sweet, Citrus, Pine
THC Level: 6.0%
CBD Level: 6.0%
Height: 3-4 feet
Harvest Period: October
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavor and Effects of CB Dream Feminized Cannabis Strain?

The CB Dream Feminized strain has a sweet and citrus taste mixed with a piney aftertaste on the exhale. This crowd favorite starts with a clear-minded euphoria that promotes focus and happiness followed by a total body relaxation that will soothe the nerves all over. Consumers will not experience an overwhelming psychedelic effect while maintaining utter awareness throughout the smoke session. Moreover, this strain is a perfect smoke for medical purposes. 

What are the Medical Benefits of CB Dream Feminized Cannabis Strain?

The CB Dream Feminized strain has a lot of medical benefits. For one, this strain has an incredible sedating effect that insomniacs can benefit from. Those patients experiencing chronic pain, arthritis, fatigue, glaucoma, cramps, stress, muscle spasms, joint aches, migraines, and the like will find relief after consuming this strain because of the analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of this strain. Also, this strain can improve the mood, energy, and focus of patients with ADD, depression, ADHD, PTSD, and the like. 

Negative Effects You Can Expect from CB Dream Feminized Cannabis Strain

Smoking high volumes of the CB Dream Feminized strain may lead to paranoia, blackouts, dizziness, and heightened anxiety. Therefore, it is highly recommended to only smoke this strain in moderation. Just like any other marijuana strain, it can be expected that consumers will experience cottonmouth and dry, red eyes after smoking. Drinking a good amount of water can help alleviate these adverse effects. 

How to Grow CB Dream Feminized Cannabis Strain 

The CB Dream Feminized strain grows into a medium-sized plant with long lime-green leaves, hefty buds, and orange calyxes wrapped in glistening trichomes. The plants are very easy to grow in any setting to yield about 400g of harvest in just 7-8 weeks.

Growing indoors, these plants will thrive in a controlled setting wherein the temperature, light source, and humidity are kept in constant optimal levels. The Sea of Green technique can be applied to enhance the plant’s bud production. 

Growing outdoors, these plants love the sun. Place them in a location that is warm and dry and they will reward you with a good quality harvest in just 8 weeks of cultivation. Leave them to grow on their own and they will thrive.


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