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Candy Haze Feminized Marijuana Seeds



Candy Haze feminized marijuana is a hybrid strain that was bred by crossing indica Zkittlez and sativa Haze. This sativa dominant strain is the perfect partner to get going on a busy day. Its sativa properties make this strain an incredible energy booster and mood enhancer. It is advisable for daytime use. Cannabis fans talk highly of this strain because it is a total package. 

Aside from the happy high it results in, cannabis users are also tempted and lured by this strain’s sweet aromas of citrus with a kick of pepper. These mixture of notes playfully tickles the nostrils even from across the room. And with its high levels of THC the can run through 20% and up, this strain is indeed one potent sativa dominant hybrid. It is a beauty to behold, but a power to keep under control. Cannabis users, experts and novices alike, should not take this strain lightly.

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Candy Haze (fem) Strain Specifications

Type: 35% Indica, 65% Sativa, Photoperiod
Genetics Parents: Zkittlez x Haze
Flowering Period: 9 weeks
Climate: unknown
Yield: unknown
Flavors: sweet, citrus, peppery
THC Level: +20%
CBD Level: unknown
Height: unknown
Harvest Period: unknown
Growing Difficulty: unknown

What are the Flavor and Effects of Candy Haze (fem)

Candy Haze feminized marijuana got its highly sought after attributes from its individually great quality and well loved parents, an indica Zkittlez and a sativa Haze. Zkittlez is famous for its sweet, berry and grapefruit flavors and aromas while the Haze genetics boasts of its classic earthy flavors with sweet herbal undertones that are sprinkled with the binding powers of spice. These properties perfectly mixed together to give Candy Haze the sweet, citrusy flavors and aromas with a kick of peppery tones that cannabis fans love now. 

The Haze parentage has passed down its euphoric high. This indica is also famous for the energy it gives to its users. Smoking this strain uplifts the spirit. It induces happiness and relaxation to its satisfied users. Meanwhile, the Zkittlez genetics has passed down its typical sativa properties. Users of this strain are found to become creative after a good puff of its smoke. The relaxing body high will soon lead to a restful sleep and the limbs start to weigh down. 

Candy Haze feminized marijuana has inherited most of its Haze genetics in terms of effects to the users. Smoking this strain gives an immediate energy boost that is perfect for a busy and productive day. The users will become more alert than their usual self. This attribute can be made use of when engaging in physical activities or in endeavors that require critical thinking. As creativity overflows from the minds of the users, brainstorming sessions for art, music or any hobby becomes easier and more fun.  

What are the Medical Benefits of Candy Haze (fem)

Candy Haze feminized marijuana is loved not just by recreational users, but by medical users as well. This is an obvious result of breeding two medical strains. The medical properties of Zkittlez are known to be beneficial in treating headaches. This strain’s sedating effects are also popular among insomniacs who have difficulty in falling asleep. 

On the other hand, the medical properties of the Haze lineage are proven and tested to be effective in relieving various bodily pains and aches. This strain is also quite popular for its munchies effect that can be made use of by patients who just underwent or are still undergoing chemotherapy since loss of appetite can be a very possible side effect of such treatment. 

Both parents have established a good reputation in the medical marijuana community for their help in managing and mitigating the symptoms associated with stress, depression, and overall fatigue. 

Based on the amazing medical properties of its parents, Candy Haze feminized marijuana is surely one beneficial medical marijuana strain that can act as an alternative for patients who do not intend to suffer the unwanted consequences of synthetic prescription drugs. It is a purely organic medicinal alternative that offers other enjoyable characteristics on the side.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Candy Haze (fem)

Candy Haze feminized marijuana has inherited not only the positive and enjoyable traits of its parents, but also the possible adverse effects when consumed excessively. The Zkittlez lineage is known to produce headaches when taken in huge doses. The Haze family, on the other hand, is commonly known to result in dry eyes and dry mouth. This condition can be countered by drinking lots of fluids in order to mitigate the discomfort. On rare occasions, the Haze genetics is reported to lead to dizziness, paranoia, and slight anxiety when used more than the tolerance level of the user. 

Hence, it is safe to say that Candy Haze feminized marijuana can be relied on to produce only good and wanted effects when taken in moderate amounts. 

How to Grow Candy Haze (fem)

Candy Haze feminized marijuana seeds are the best option for growers who intend to harvest only female plants. This strain is enjoyable to grow because of the sweet, citrus aromas it exudes which are even heightened during the flowering stage. When grown indoors, growers can expect this strain to be ripe and ready for harvest after 9 weeks of cultivation.


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