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Cake Batter Fem marijuana is a hybrid strain that was bred by crossing Girl Scout Cookies with Cherry Pie. This hybrid strain is a well-balanced combination that calms both the mind and the body, according to many cannabis fans. It’s a wonderful treat with a sweet and appealing aroma and flavor that leaves many consumers wanting more! Its parents, the famed GSC and the scrumptious Cherry Pie, give it a berry and baked exquisite flavor.

Many veteran users prefer the Cake Batter fem experience because of the tremendous psychoactive cerebral high they describe, which causes an increase in mood and can make even the quietest persons more chatty and giggly.

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Cake Batter Fem Strain Specifications

Type: Indica/Sativa
Genetics Parents: Girl Scout Cookies x Cherry Pie
Flowering Period: 50 days
Climate: unknown
Yield: 1.8-2.1 oz/ft2 (indoors), 21 ounces (outdoors)
Flavors: sweet, berry, vanilla, citrus, earthy
THC Level: 22% to 27%
CBD Level: unknown
Height: unknown
Harvest Period: unknown
Growing Difficulty: difficult

What are the Flavor and Effects of Cake Batter Fem?

When you break apart the buds, you’ll get a sweet, skunky odor with a tiny whiff of vanilla in the air. Cake Batter fem emits an earthy smoke with hints of fuel and herbs on the undertone when burned. According to reviews, this well-balanced hybrid has a strong effect on both the body and the mind and can yield THC levels as high as 27% depending on cultivation methods. 

Cake Batter Fem’s powerful feeling of ecstasy begins to crawl into the body as the high settles in, alleviating muscle pains and stress. Others remark that while their body and mind relax, their senses are stimulated, making this a wonderful choice for appreciating nature, yoga, and listening to music. Sedation was not an issue for reviewers who tried this strain, with many opting for smaller, more regulated doses throughout the day.

What are the Medical Benefits of Cake Batter Fem?

Cake Batter Fem marijuana is also popular in the medical cannabis community. This strain’s physiologically relaxing properties can aid to alleviate stress, anxiety, melancholy, and other mood disorders. The soothing characteristics of this strain can aid with swelling, nerve discomforts, chronic pains, muscular tensions, and other physiological problems. The Indica effects of this strain might cause couch-lock, which might be good for folks who have difficulties sleeping.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Cake Batter Fem 

Cake Batter Fem marijuana can also pose some unwanted side effects when taken irresponsibly. The most common symptoms are dry eyes and a dry mouth. Users who are experiencing these symptoms should stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. In rare situations, users may experience headaches, confusion, or paranoia. Users must take this cannabis in moderation to reap its full benefits. The 22% to 27% level of THC might be quite overwhelming to novice cannabis users.

How to Grow Cake Batter Fem?

Cake Batter Fem can be difficult to cultivate because it is best suited for more seasonal growers. Flowering can take up to 50 days, with dense olive-green buds and highly coated trichomes that resemble fuzzy snow atop the plant’s greens, indicating its strength. The vivid orange hairs blend in with the dense layer of milky white trichomes that highlight the purple tones in the buds. This strain thrives best when cultivated inside, in controlled environments that allow it to produce Cake Batter fem bud to its full capacity. Growers can save time and effort, since the seeds of this strain are guaranteed to grow into female plants only. Thus, there will be no need to separate the males from the smokable females.

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