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Blue Head Band Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Blue Head Band Marijuana Seeds are seeds that will grow lovely high-yielding plants. When provided with its growing needs. It has a tight structure; therefore, it can produce dense buds covered with thick trichome crystals. It is ideal for beginner growers as it is easy to grow. It is a strain resistant to molds and powdery-white mildew as well.

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More About Blue Head Band (fem)

Developed for High Yield

Blue Head Band feminized is a luscious Indica-cross particularly formulated for high yields. The strain creates a compelling body-centered stimulation that lasts long. Cannabis smokers are surely delighted with its relaxing and euphoric effects. It can also help one to improve his level of concentration so he can be more productive.

Blue Head Band feminized marijuana seeds does not only pleases the cannabis users. It also gratifies the cannabis cultivators with its astounding yield. It can grow both indoors and outdoors, although there is an obvious distinction implemented for each setting.

When indoors, the plant will flower for nine weeks. The plant becomes ready for reaping once it becomes fully mature, and by then, it can produce a yield of 400 grams per square meter. Nonetheless, the plant can also propagate outdoors. Planted in the right time, the plant will be ready for harvest in October with a shocking yield of 1200 grams per plant.

3 reviews for Blue Head Band Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Jose Sanford

    Jose Sanford

    Blue Head Band cannabis strain produces the best results: it gives me a burst of energy and then settles into a silky, relaxing robe. A bouquet of scents that includes a hint of blueberries and a plethora of fruit notes. It flourishes very well in my indoor growing setup and resistant to any pests and molds!

  2. Avatar for Edwin Sandstrom

    Edwin Sandstrom

    Blue Head Band allows me to enjoy more of life’s pleasures and makes life worthwhile. This strain contains body-high and that’s totally calming and which is also effective at managing my fear, fatigue, and anxiety. Its versatile fruity fragrance and flavor can take pride in me. The flowering phase is expected within. I find it to be very simple to develop and they consistently provide me with a huge harvest. 5-star all the way.

  3. Avatar for Donald Jackson

    Donald Jackson

    One of my favorite strains, I love how its sweet blueberries and fruity flavors combine. I also like the powerful hefty punch gives me an uplifting and happy feeling. This strain treated my chronic pain, mood swings, and fatigue. Its appearance has very dark green nugs and orange hairs. Overall, this strain can thrive well in any dry climate.

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