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Blue Cheese Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Blue Cheese Marijuana Seeds is a tasty indica-dominant cannabis strain that has cheese, blueberry, blue cheese, berry, pungent and sweet flavors rolled in one. It has a high THC at 20% and grows only 80 cm tall. But despite this, it can produce good yields up to 550 grams per plant outdoors and up to 500 grams per square meter indoors.

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More About Blue Cheese (fem)

Your Palate’s Most Favorite

Blue Cheese feminized marijuana seeds entwine a uniquely strong scent and ethereal sense of bliss into a single strain. It exudes a uniquely satisfying scent similar to a highly flavored, classic cheese. A lot of cannabis enthusiasts are fascinated with its satisfying bite while the energizing feeling expands in gentle waves then superseded with deep relaxation.

Growing Blue Cheese is relatively applicable even for beginners. For one thing, the plant has a high resistance to mildews and molds. Hence, beginners will no longer have to be bothered about these tiny elements getting near their plants. Furthermore, the plant prospers equally well both indoors and outdoors.

A lot of growers choose indoor growing since this plant does not grow tall. By using soil as the medium, the plant can be in its best flavors and fragrance. It flowers for 8 to 9 weeks, and when harvest comes, the plant can offer a yield of 500 grams per square meter.

5 reviews for Blue Cheese Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Roger Coy

    Roger Coy

    I had to try this strain because I freakin love marijuana and I freakin love Blue Cheese, and I had to see for myself. It appears to live up to its reputation. This stuff has a strong odor of cheese! I’m glad I grew it outside because it would likely smell up the entire house, but it doesn’t matter, all it matters is the quality flavor that I kept coming back. I actually have Fantastic munchies on this herb, and I love to just make it myself cheese and crackers. I know it’s a cliche, but this was a fantastic purchase! I can’t wait to return for more!

  2. Avatar for Melissa Hayes

    Melissa Hayes

    I’ve tried growing Blue Cheese Fem both indoors and outdoors, and it seems to work well in both. But, someone’s not counting, I got my best harvest outside. I’d even recommend it to inexperienced gardeners. The seeds germinated without difficulty. In terms of this weed, I’d put it in a salad if I could because it’s fantastic. When I try to sleep because of racing thoughts, my cheese just smokes this out like a bee from a hive. I chose this strain because it can grow in relatively cool temperatures, saving me money on my electricity bill, yet it grew quickly and easily. I was pleased with the entire process.

  3. Avatar for Kathleen Young

    Kathleen Young

    A very sticky bud! This stuff has a strong smell of blueberries. I recommend an indoor grow; I’ve been smoking for over ten years, and this weed is still an is somewhat too strong for me at times; at its best, though, it’s a savage and crazy high that inspires me to create all kinds of art. I use it also to prevent myself from anxiety attacks and stress. It was a fantastic experience to grow it!

  4. Avatar for Herbert Redman

    Herbert Redman

    Blue Cheese is very satisfying to grow due to its mold and mildew resistance. I grew this discreetly aways my the sight of my neighbor. Nevertheless, she really grew healthy with the soil and the nutrients I used; she also yielded abundantly. She has an iconic cheese flavor, and when using this, I feel so relaxed that it sometimes leads me to a night of deep sleep.

  5. Avatar for Elizabeth White

    Elizabeth White

    This strain became my new favorite because it has the classic cheese flavor that became a mood booster, soothes my muscles, and relaxes my body after a long day at work. It is easy to grow and produces abundant yields. I admire this strain for being mold, and pest resistant will surely buy it again!

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