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Blue Amnesia Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

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Blue Amnesia Marijuana Seeds is a quick-flowering, easy to grow strain that comes with a sweet berry, flowery, and blueberry flavor. It is a hybrid strain with a high 18% THC, and thus it has euphoric, relaxed, and focused effects. It grows up to 90 cm tall but will produce good yields.

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More About Blue Amnesia Auto-flower

For users looking for sweet-tasting cannabis that’s sure to fire up those taste buds, the Blue Amnesia Autoflower is just about right for you. Although it doesn’t quite have a high amount of THC, about 18%, it can still give you some satisfying highs in the process.

Effects combined with flavorful taste makes this strain all the more gratifying once you get a hold of these. With cerebral rush that is aided with some energetic feelings and a positive vibe, this strain can light up your day in an instant.

The injection of heightened sensitivity will surely spark tons of ideas that will make you creative and productive throughout the day. Soon, as your body succumbs to its powerful effects, you will be serenaded with sleepy thoughts that are sure to keep you couch-locked for hours.

When used in moderation, this strain offers a plethora of medical benefits that can help users treat various conditions such as stress, anxiety, muscle aches and spasms, rheumatism, and arthritis. It can stave off any kind of emotions that clouds the mind and helps clear it.

Growing this strain is advisable for rookies, as it is easy to grow and blooms in a short amount of time. It will produce large yields too! Great for outdoors or indoor plantation.

Overall, this strain is a go-to strain with no frills and fuss.

2 reviews for Blue Amnesia Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Robert Guest

    Robert Guest

    I had a sugar rush on Blue Amnesia; the flavors were blending in citrus and sugar. Very beneficial to me since its medical effects help me treat my muscle aches and arthritis! It germinated quickly after I was placing them on a damp paper towel. After a few weeks of waiting, I was pretty shocked, it offers me a bountiful and healthy yield.

  2. Avatar for LMichaud


    Awesome strain easy to grow! Never had a problem germinating I normally watch them and do her thing. So far so good really coming along nicely. Can’t wait to see what the buds look like.

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